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8.25.14 – Ryan and Kyla’s Wedding

26 Aug

My brother got married this past weekend to one of my favorite gals in the whole world. We were so excited to officially welcome Kyla into the family even though we have considered her part of the family for a really long time. It was a perfect day and so much fun!

We stayed with Ryan and Kyla for a couple of nights before the festivities began. Laney had lots of fun hanging with her aunt and uncle, but I think her favorite part was hanging with Briggs, their dog.

The festivities began on Friday with mani/pedis and the rehearsal dinner. We had some trouble getting Laney to walk down the aisle during practice until the rehearsal was over, so it wasn’t looking good for the actual event.

I did my best to enjoy the day Saturday and not worry about capturing moments on my camera. I did get a few photos on my camera and quite a few on my iPhone. The photos aren’t perfect, but I am glad I have them to remember the special day.

The morning was a bit stressful for me. Laney would not cooperate for photos with the photographer. She kept taking her flower crown off. And she refused to walk down the aisle. But that’s OK. I had to remind myself she isn’t even two. And as it usually does, everything worked out perfectly in the end, I had a super special moment carrying her down the aisle to meet Kyle at the bottom. I got pretty misty-eyed walking down holding my baby girl and thinking about the last time I walked down an aisle to meet Kyle six years ago. And (much thanks to her grandparents for keeping her occupied) she only interrupted the ceremony once trying to get Jacob’s attention. And I may be biased, but I think she looked adorable – snack cup and all. :)

We had so much fun on the party bus. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. Kyla’s sister and Jacob gave some awesome maid-of-honor/best man speeches. They totally rocked it! Then we danced the night away. Laney kept signing “more dancing” every time the song ended. She boogied on the dance floor for an hour or more, and then she just decided she was done and ready to go “home.” 


The next day we had breakfast at the hotel. Laney has some very important phone calls to make.

2014-08-24 12.37.23

It was such an awesome weekend. Especially with these three cuties…

2014-08-24 12.35.38


Congratulations, Ryan and Kyla! We love you! And I hope you are enjoying the beach. :)

8.12.14 – 23 Months!

12 Aug

Only one more month until the big birthday! Some days it’s hard to believe how grown up she is. She understands so much more now. This month she has really started making connections. For example, last night she wanted to watch a YouTube video on my phone and I told her no, so she went and got her Leap Frog pretend phone and asked for the video again (which made me laugh). Or she will say “Jacob? Annie?” and I will say we will see them in a few days, and she will say “at Mimi’s house?”

On to our monthly recap..

Age: 23 Months

Clothes: 2T, 6/7 Shoe

Favorite food: Cheese, grapes, milk, and snacks. She has good days and bad days of eating, but generally she is a little picky and likes variety. If she hasn’t seen a food in awhile, she will chow down, so I try to give her a specific fruit/veggie for a couple days and when she stops eating it I switch it for a new one.

2014-08-09 08.38.27 2014-08-09 08.39.05 2014-08-09 17.16.12 2014-08-09 17.18.14

Favorite words: There isn’t much she doesn’t say or attempt to say at this point. She has even finally said “love you” a few times, but she is still stubborn on that. A few favorite phrases: “Okay,” “oh goodness,” “let’s go,” “plaaaayyy,” “oh no/my,” “hi/bye ____,” “toooys,” “Barney/Elmo,” “snack/milk,” “what happened?” “you OK?” “oh, mess,” “thank you, welcome (dandu, gelcome)” or “thanks!” “where’d he/it go?” “bracelet (bracelet)” “there it is!” “cool!” “outside,” “yes/no.” She also loves naming colors, animals, shapes, and even some letters. Although, her favorite letter is “Y” right now.

Favorite activities: jumping, running, snuggling stuffed animals, playing catch, being chased, being tickled, fake sneezing, chasing frogs (fogs) and butterflies (awuttasy), swimming, swinging, watching Barney/Elmo or music videos, playing with her kitchen, guitar, harmonica, whistle, tea set, or picnic basket, drinking out of a big girl cup, carrying or emptying purses, playing with my bracelets and necklaces, coloring, reading books, picking my flowers outside, playing with rocks, dumping out her snack cup in the car, but mostly just being around other people.

Least favorite activities: Playing by herself (ugh…she really just won’t do it right now); going to bed

Signature moves: Blowing bubbles in her drink if she has a straw; pretending to sneeze when she has food in her mouth and spitting the food (so gross); throwing or hitting when she gets frustrated; laughing during her time outs; grabbing my hand when I try to get something done and saying “plaaaayyy”; pretending a piece of fuzz is a butterfly (see video); jumping as many times as she can in a row; pulling you off of “her” chair, pillow, etc.; naming people she wants to pray for during bedtime prayers (so cute!) and saying AMEN!; whining and pointing for things when she wants it (when she could very easily just name it); putting my bracelets, headbands, or shirts on and saying “pwetty”. Our favorite is when you ask her if she wants or wants to do something (and the answer would be yes) she will say “OKAY!” in the cutest way.

Mom’s favorite moment: Seeing her interact with RJ at Papa’s and the girls on group trip. And the butterfly/fuzz moment was pretty great.

Dad’s favorite moment: Going on a boat ride at Great Papa’s house.


2014-08-10 12.01.15 2014-08-09 19.43.19 2014-08-09 19.43.21

8.5.14 – Group Trip

5 Aug

Oh hey blog friends… nice to see ya! I am in the midst of a very busy part of the year for my photography business, so I haven’t been able to devote as much time to my blog as I have in the past. However, I did want to share our last little vacation we took this summer.

The first weekend in August we took a little trip to southern Indiana/Cincinnati with our friends. We stayed outside of the city at a very nice house on a very picturesque piece of land. Deer and ducks came on the property every day, which Laney loved! Plus it had a trampoline and fire pit, which everyone enjoyed.

Here is a quick recap of our long weekend:

Day 1 – We all arrived at the house and had a little popcorn party. That evening we took it easy and enjoyed some hotdogs and s’mores.

2014-08-01 17.18.56 2014-08-01 18.05.32 2014-08-01 18.43.41

Day 2 – We decided to head into Cincinnati and explore the riverfront. We came up on a horrible car accident minutes after it happened. Thankfully everyone was OK. Two of our three cars made it through while the third got stuck for a few hours on the interstate. We still managed to check out one of the bridges and the aquarium before heading back to the house with some exhausted little girls!

Day 3 – We decided to stay close so the girls could nap. We visited a local park and had a cookout for lunch. That evening we headed to Montgomery Inn for some barbecue. We headed downtown for some ice cream afterwards, and the girls enjoyed the broadcasted symphony music.

Day 4 – We headed to the Cincinnati Zoo. Laney of course loved it. She didn’t want to leave the goats or the monkeys. It was a toasty but fun day!

Overall, it was a great trip, but as always we were very happy to be home! Can’t believe summer is almost over. It was so busy, but we sure had a lot of fun!

7.26.14 – Weekly Wrap-up

26 Jul

Happy weekend! It was a whirlwind of a week for us…

First, Laney and I headed to Indiana to celebrate Aunt Annie’s 9th birthday with Chuck E. Cheese. Laney was overwhelmed with excitement at the big furry mouse, the Barney train, and the balls (ski ball). Of course pizza and cake made it even better! (My iPhone was acting like a punk, so a lot of these photos are blurry.)

I had lots of fun taking Jacob’s senior pictures that night. (Can’t believe he is going to be a senior!) We spent the next day swimming (even though it was a bit chilly) and hanging at Mimi’s house.

Laney even did some solo floating. That is until she decided she wanted lunch and she wanted it 10 minutes ago…

We hustled back home Friday just in time for Nana and Papa’s arrival! Laney had lots of fun playing with them and bringing Papa all of her toys.

Laney also got a kick out of “Silly Papa’s” outfit and wig. She kept saying “silly Papa” after they left for their 60’s party!



And she had fun playing dress-up with Nana and Papa this morning for some pics.


Hope you all are having a great weekend!

7.12.14 – 6th Anniversary

21 Jul

I’m back-posting this a couple of weeks late. We had a very busy couple of weeks around our anniversary, which we spent driving back from our annual vacation to Hilton Head, SC. 

This is not our best picture, since we are both under the weather with seasonal allergies.

Nevertheless…here it is! 6 awesome years!



  • Jamie started her photography business
  • Traveled to New Orleans, LA

That’s it! Not a lot of events to add to the back of the number this year compared to all of the milestones we have had with the last couple of years of moving and baby girl being born! Although, it still felt like a pretty eventful year chasing after our little toddler. We certainly had lots of little moments with friends and family that made this year pretty special, and I think that’s really what life is all about!

7.20.14 – Weekend in Michigan

20 Jul

We took a little road trip this weekend to Michigan to see Kyle’s Papa and his wife Anna. They live on a beautiful lake ‘off the grid.” And we had a very nice visit with them on Saturday evening. We went to dinner in a neighboring town and had some delicious ice cream Sundays at the Hayloft. I’ll let you guess what Laney’s favorite part of the evening was. :)

Sunday the whole family was over for a cookout. Laney had so much fun finding more froggy friends, riding in boats, swimming in the lake, and playing with her cousin RJ. It is always a great weekend when you get to spend time catching up with family.

She refused to nap, so it was a long drive home. But we made it safe and sound! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

7.16.14 – Hump Day Happiness

16 Jul

The first couple of days back from vacation were a little tough/hectic. We were all tired from all of the fun and long journey home. We had a busy Monday and Tuesday, and I could tell Laney had just had it with the being rushed around (even if we were going to an activity for her). So today…I let her sleep in. I didn’t rush her out of her crib (she likes to hang out in there for awhile), and I decided we would play hooky from music class. And I’m really glad I made that decision. First, I got to enjoy this moment without worrying about the time:

Apparently her blanket ripped in the middle of the night (which may be why she was crying at midnight), and she was quite concerned!

I also knew I made the right decision when she shut the door to her room (with us inside), and played for an hour before asking for breakfast. Even if it resulted in this mess…

2014-07-16 09.21.35 2014-07-16 09.22.57

We then called a meeting of all the stuffed animals. Pinwheel and blankeys were also required to attend.

2014-07-16 10.25.41


We emptied more toy boxes. This is her absolute favorite activity right now. Mom or Dad must be seated on the floor to receive each individual item removed from the toy box. We cannot move on until it is completely emptied of its contents.

2014-07-16 12.54.34 2014-07-16 12.56.26 2014-07-16 12.56.45

I did finally convince her to go outside. I really wanted to enjoy the beautiful day! And she helped me scope out some spots for a photo shoot. She loves picking the flowers and chasing the butterflies (buttasys) But it wasn’t long until she was shouting, “HOME!”

Our favorite moment of the day, though, was when Daddy found a frog while mowing. She was a little excited, to say the least.

Sometimes the best moments come when we have no plans. Today helped me realize I need to be better about that. Hope you all had a happy hump day!

Side note: We are almost a week late on posting our annual anniversary pic. I still haven’t bought our number. Fingers crossed for Friday!


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