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4.19.15 – Monthly Laney Update

19 Apr

Wanted to give a brief update of Laney and some of her funny sayings/obsessions lately. Plus share some pics of course:)

We have moved on from the “pants off stage.” I am happy to report that we are now wearing pants most of the time, but she is also really enjoying being able to put dresses on for warmer days. We have now moved into the “Mommy hair down” stage. My hair must be worn down – as in not in a pony tail – at all times according to Laney. Sometimes I simply tell her “no” or “later after I shower,” but sometimes it is just easier to oblige. :)

She is still fully obsessed with setting a timer, and we still are usually able to use it to our advantage. However, she now prefers to set it on her own on our phones. She also makes sure to turn on all alarms, which has gotten us at very random times of the day and night! She also really enjoys playing DJ and will ask for “her turn” on my phone to play some tunes for us. Of course, we never hear any song for more than a few seconds at a time. I let her have my phone once a day (or twice if she handled the first time well) for five or ten minutes – which we of course set a timer for. ;)

She still loves pancakes and fruit snacks and is always down for a good dance party. Hard to believe we never thought she would walk – she is always on the go these days.

Other favorite sayings: “probably” “momma, set the timer please” “lane’s turn” “laney do it” “so proud of you” “you happy? lane’s happy/sad” “grrr I angry” “I got tears (after she is crying)” “where’s daddy? (when he is at work)” “where’d the friends (or any specific person) go?” “is rainin’ or is sunny today” “five M&Ms please” “do flips (flipping off the couch or over us)” “go jumpin (to gymnastics)” “I don’t want to _______” “go to Laney’s house”

Here are some pictures from a recent trip to our favorite park plus Laney and her worm friend:

Love my adventures with these two! Finally, a video of our little independent girl. She has been making huge strides in doing more by herself – playing at the park and going up and down stairs.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

4.5.15 – Easter Weekend – Part 2

5 Apr

Laney decided it was in her best interest to NOT take a nap on Easter Eve, so she was pretty wound up by the time Nana and Papa arrived. We decided to decorate Easter eggs. I was completely prepared for chaos, but she handled it really well. She enjoyed helping Nana and Papa put them in the colors and had a really hard time letting them dry. She gave them a sniff and said, “EWWW stinky!”

Finally Easter morning arrived!

We learned from last year and put only one small cracker or treat in each egg, because Laney insists on eating whatever is inside before moving on to the next egg. This year we added jelly beans to the mix. She decided she wasn’t a fan, so those always went to Nana and Papa.

We hustled off to church. When we returned home we had a chance to check on the jelly beans we planted in our pot outside. Laney was pretty excited about the suckers that grew overnight. (Thank you, Pinterest!) We managed to get the traditional family photo in front of the fireplace. (Laney insisted we sit.)

Easter Sunday was also our nephew RJ’s 2nd birthday! We enjoyed singing happy birthday and watching him blow out his birthday candles twice. He was a big fan of it! With full bellies and hearts, most of us settled in for an Easter afternoon nap. ;)

Hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend!

4.4.15 – Egg Huntin’

4 Apr

I am slowly making my way through all of the Easter weekend photos I took. Holidays only get more fun as Laney gets older and understands more. She was pretty pumped up all weekend long.

On Friday, we had an egg hunt with our Mom’s group. I was so surprised she wanted to wear her bunny ears. She is a slow and steady egg hunter – watching all of the other little ones as she carefully opens each egg and places it in her basket. She was a little confused about nothing being in the eggs, but was OK with it once she saw the prize table. She chose a butterfly pencil as her prize.

On Saturday morning, we took a brisk and windy walk to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt on the nature trails. Giving the bunny a high five was as close as she was willing to get. Quite a change from our little munchkin who would love all over characters and mascots last year. She again wanted to open and inspect each egg, but we finally convinced her to collect her ten first before the big kids got to start their hunt.

Then we headed over to the Gingerbread House (local toy store) to check out some ducks and a bunny. Daddy had to sit in on the Easter bunny photo. With both Easter bunny encounters, Laney said, “I can see the eyes!” Apparently, we aren’t fooling her – she could see the person inside and wasn’t sure what to think about that.

The fun had only begun as Nana and Papa were heading into town… to be continued. :)

3.29.15 – Chicago and the Shedd

29 Mar

It is getting harder and harder to make time for our little blog! But I wanted to share some photos of our (somewhat) recent trip to Chicago to visit Kyle’s family and take the kiddos to Shedd Aquarium. Lots of others were on spring break, so things were a bit crowded. A great time had by all nonetheless! Highlights of the trip were watching the dolphins jump in the show and seeing the whales, penguins, and sting rays. Laney also enjoyed a little conversation with a curious duck (see pic) – maybe he wanted a drink of her milk?!

Back at Nana’s and Papa’s house we enjoyed lots of playtime.

594A4358  594A4322594A4351


It was REALLY cold (and snowy!) but it was a fun mini getaway.

3.17.15 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

18 Mar

Hope everyone had a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My little leprechaun didn’t want to sit still for a photo op. :)


3.11.15 – Adventures

15 Mar

Love that these two are always willing to go on an adventure with me. It was cold, windy, and muddy, but I couldn’t pass up the beautiful sunset.

2.5 = Big Girl!

4 Mar

Our baby turns 2.5 years old next week. Hard to believe we are halfway to THREE! Not sure if it was cabin fever during the snow storm or the fact that we finished her new (to her) dresser, but we decided to upgrade to the “big girl bed” last weekend. I have to say I was really nervous. I had already purchased a lot of things for her “big girl room” simply because I love the process of redecorating, but we had decided to hold off until she was older (after hearing some horror stories). She showed no interest in leaving her cozy crib – other than the fact she loved jumping on her big girl bed mattress. But we finished her refurbished dresser and decided why not give it a try?! Nap time that first day was a disaster, and we were fully prepared to drag her crib back in her room for bedtime. But our girl likes to prove us wrong, and she has handled it like a champ! Naptime has still been hit-or-miss. She is usually singing “Let it GO!” or “Wheels on the Bus” at the top of her lungs or jumping around on her bed for most of “quiet time”, but she isn’t crying or terrorizing her room so I’m OK with it. She did finally nap once yesterday, so I’m holding out hope.

Funniest moment. She was “helping” Daddy put the bed together. She climbed into it while it was on its side and said, “I’m in da zoo!” “I’m a monkey!” We were cracking up “feeding” her through the “cage.”

The morning after she slept the whole night without complaint, we told her how proud we were of our big girl. Now every time she sees her bed or we talk about sleeping she says, “So PROUD of you!” Yes, baby girl, we are so proud of you!

Of course I couldn’t catch her saying it on camera.

I figured I’d roll in a mini Laney update, because finding time for blogging with my no-napping girl is not easy. Not much has changed since my last post. Laney is still obsessed with setting a timer for everything or just because. She still loves to sing and dance all day long. She has officially discovered Frozen, and we listen to a few of those songs every day. She makes us laugh daily with her funny thinking and sayings (I need to start writing more down!). She is definitely playing the big girl part now. “Lane do it!” is often heard for many tasks each day, and she was showing us how she can go up the stairs with no hands last night. Maybe she will start entertaining herself more?! (HAHAHA!) But she certainly brightens our days (and wears us out!).

Here’s a few snaps:

A couple videos:

And Laney wanted me to remind you the importance of accessorizing before watching your favorite show:

594A2890 594A2895

Hope you all have a great rest of the week! Kyle tells me spring will be here this weekend. I sure hope so!





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