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3.17.15 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

18 Mar

Hope everyone had a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My little leprechaun didn’t want to sit still for a photo op. :)


2.5 = Big Girl!

4 Mar

Our baby turns 2.5 years old next week. Hard to believe we are halfway to THREE! Not sure if it was cabin fever during the snow storm or the fact that we finished her new (to her) dresser, but we decided to upgrade to the “big girl bed” last weekend. I have to say I was really nervous. I had already purchased a lot of things for her “big girl room” simply because I love the process of redecorating, but we had decided to hold off until she was older (after hearing some horror stories). She showed no interest in leaving her cozy crib – other than the fact she loved jumping on her big girl bed mattress. But we finished her refurbished dresser and decided why not give it a try?! Nap time that first day was a disaster, and we were fully prepared to drag her crib back in her room for bedtime. But our girl likes to prove us wrong, and she has handled it like a champ! Naptime has still been hit-or-miss. She is usually singing “Let it GO!” or “Wheels on the Bus” at the top of her lungs or jumping around on her bed for most of “quiet time”, but she isn’t crying or terrorizing her room so I’m OK with it. She did finally nap once yesterday, so I’m holding out hope.

Funniest moment. She was “helping” Daddy put the bed together. She climbed into it while it was on its side and said, “I’m in da zoo!” “I’m a monkey!” We were cracking up “feeding” her through the “cage.”

The morning after she slept the whole night without complaint, we told her how proud we were of our big girl. Now every time she sees her bed or we talk about sleeping she says, “So PROUD of you!” Yes, baby girl, we are so proud of you!

Of course I couldn’t catch her saying it on camera.

I figured I’d roll in a mini Laney update, because finding time for blogging with my no-napping girl is not easy. Not much has changed since my last post. Laney is still obsessed with setting a timer for everything or just because. She still loves to sing and dance all day long. She has officially discovered Frozen, and we listen to a few of those songs every day. She makes us laugh daily with her funny thinking and sayings (I need to start writing more down!). She is definitely playing the big girl part now. “Lane do it!” is often heard for many tasks each day, and she was showing us how she can go up the stairs with no hands last night. Maybe she will start entertaining herself more?! (HAHAHA!) But she certainly brightens our days (and wears us out!).

Here’s a few snaps:

A couple videos:

And Laney wanted me to remind you the importance of accessorizing before watching your favorite show:

594A2890 594A2895

Hope you all have a great rest of the week! Kyle tells me spring will be here this weekend. I sure hope so!




2.15.15 – Laney Update

15 Feb

We are one month away from the 2.5 year mark, so I thought I would do a quick update of what Laney has been up to lately.

Her favorite/least favorite activities and favorite foods have not changed much since my last post. Her eating has been a lot better as of late – perhaps due to a growth spurt. She is starting to grow out of her 2T clothes. Her naps have been hit-or-miss since being sick and having a couple of action-packed weekends. But *most* days she will still nap for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Other days she chats with her stuffed animals until I come get her (or throws them out of the crib and starts crying so that I will come into the room and she can try and talk me into rocking her).

She is the queen of stall tactics, and we live life by the timer of “5 more minutes.” Even when we don’t have anything to do or anywhere to be, she wants me to set the timer for “five more minutes; beep is off!” When the timer goes off, then she is suddenly hungry or is “scratchy” and needs some lotion or has a sudden interest in cleaning up her room/toys. Luckily, she usually listens to the timer so far and we have been able to use it to our advantage. :)

She has been impressing us with her ABC and counting skills lately. She really likes singing now and has several songs she will sing randomly – “Jesus Loves Me,” “Hokey Pokey,” “ABC’s,” “Ring Around the Rosey,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” to name a few.

Other funny sayings/happenings:

“Hold you me!” is how she asks to be held/carried by us.

She often says “mama-dada” when making requests even if only one of us is present. I guess covering her bases in hopes of getting her needs met.

Reading books by herself – she will slam it and say, “AMEN!” or “THE END!” at the end. She will also “read” some and turn the book to “show the class” the pictures and say, “See!?”

One morning she was really whining about everything: Me: “Oh my, did you not get enough sleep!?” Laney: Stops whining. “YUP!”

We were chasing each other around the house. Laney stops, lays down, and says, “I take a rest!”

She still loves a good dance party and cracks us up with her moves.

After watching Curious George Halloween – she loves to yell “BOO!” And we have to act so surprised.

Never a dull moment with her. Love her to pieces!

2.14.15 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had a bit of a rough Valentine’s Eve with a certain little girl who didn’t want to sleep in her pack-n-play at Uncle Ryan’s and Aunt Kyla’s house, but we didn’t let that ruin our holiday. Laney thought it was her birthday. :)

She was a big fan of getting her goodies, eating a few of her M&M’s, and enjoying some delicious pancakes.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our little Valentine!

Hope your day was filled with lots of love!

2.1.15 – Super Bowl Snowday

1 Feb

Super Bowl Sunday was a super snowy, wintery day. After church, we decided to head out to plan in it (since Daddy missed the first snow experience). It was perfect packing snow for snowmen and snowballs. Laney wasn’t as into it this time – she preferred to supervise. But we still had a good time.

1.28.15 – Sesame Street Live!

28 Jan

I am not sure who was more excited for last night – me or Laney. We bought tickets to Sesame Street Live for Laney for Christmas. I could not wait to see her reaction to seeing all of her favorite characters – especially Elmo – in person. After she woke up from her nap, we told her we were going to see Elmo. (We probably should have waited until after dinner since that is all she could focus on until we left.) She was even more excited when we let her take her little stuffed Elmo with her (he usually stays in her crib for sleeping).

When Grover and Elmo came over the loud speaker – things started to get REALLY exciting.

594A1297 594A1301

When the show started, she wasn’t too sure what to think at first.

2015-01-27 18.35.21

But it didn’t take her long to start dancing. She would get a little scared when the people would come by, but she warmed up to them in the end.

2015-01-27 18.37.55

The Itsy Bitsy Spider was a fan favorite. 

2015-01-27 18.53.55 2015-01-27 18.59.31 2015-01-27 19.51.55 2015-01-27 19.51.56 2015-01-27 19.51.57

She even got to catch a ball at the end.

2015-01-27 19.52.19

It was a pretty awesome night – they even threw a few jokes in for the adults. She’s only asked a few times where Elmo is today. :)

1.23.15 – 2 Steps Forward; 100 Steps Back

23 Jan

(Insert Mom Sigh) It’s been a ROUGH week. I usually reserve blog posts for happy times and cute pictures, but I have had hardly any sleep nor adult interaction in 4 days. So excuse the sleep-deprived ramble that is about to happen…

You know what you should never do as a parent? Think to yourself, “Things are going pretty well. We are hitting our post-holiday stride. We are happy, healthy, and back into a routine. Bonus – Laney is eating vegetables again! What more could a mom want?” Because that is usually when “stuff” hits the fan.

Cue Sunday morning when Laney woke up sounding like a smoker. We had fun teaching her how to clear her throat – it was cute hearing her try. We hung around the house in case she was coming down with something, but with the exception of not eating much and being a bit grumpy, she was mostly her cheery, silly self. I did however think, “Great! Kyle is out of town for work this week. This would be the PERFECT week for her to come down with one of those crazy viruses that I’ve been hearing so much about.”

Monday morning: Girlfriend wakes up sounding like a smoker with emphysema and a fever. We hustled off to the doctor first thing. For once, I made the right call and didn’t have to apologize for being overly concerned. It wasn’t just a cold. Doc said he was glad I brought her in, because parents who had sat on it have ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Meds were prescribed to *hopefully* prevent that from happening. “Next few days are going to be rough,” he told me. “She may only sleep sitting up, which means you’ll be holding her.”

I thought, “Not ideal, but I can do this. For once an adjustable bed will be really handy. I’ll bring her in bed with me, prop us up and get all the toddler snuggles I can handle.” BAHAHAHAHA!

So when Laney was a newborn, I REALLY didn’t want to end up with kids sleeping in my bed until they were in their teens. I was one of those kids. I was actually a little paranoid about it. Well, my plan to make that NOT happen worked so well that my kid actually REFUSES to sleep in my bed with me. I’m talking temper-tantrum “NOOOO! ROCK!!! LANEY’S ROOM” kicking and screaming. Isn’t it ironic…(don’t ya think?)

So insert two nights of little sleep. Me rocking her until my butt is so sore I can’t take any more. Me setting a timer and telling her five more minutes of rocking and then she needs to sleep in her bed. (I really hope her timer obsession never ends, because it’s the only thing going well for me at the moment.) Her waking up an hour later wanting rocked again. Bedtime….nap time…no sleep for Momma.

I will say she has been a trooper. During the day, she was pretty chipper. Granted we were watching a lot of TV and eating more fruit snacks than one should, because I was too tired to say no. “Fruit snacks and crackers for lunch? Alright, throw in an apple, and we will call it good.” I kept secretly hoping she would just crash watching a show like I see other sick kids on Facebook doing, but not my kid! She will push through to the end. At least she has determination, I suppose.

That brings us to Wednesday. She was feeling much better – no fever for 24 hours, nose no longer running like crazy, sounding pretty good with an occasional coughing spell. I’m realizing she doesn’t need to be rocked anymore. See, we went through this phase before a few months back. We thought something was wrong at night, but we figured out that little Laney just wanted company. The only thing that worked? Crying it out. So I put on my big girl momma pants. Gave her a few reassuring visits saying, “Momma loves you. I’ll see you in the morning.” Called Kyle to keep me strong. And endured 45 minutes of heart-wrenching screaming until finally silence. She woke up a few more times that night but only for five minutes each tops. Everyone woke up happier and more rested. Nap time the next day? 3 hours of blissful sleep.

So I thought. We made it. Kyle was due home that night until 5:00. Tonight’s sleep will be even better. Friday will be here before we know it.

Kyle’s flight was delayed (of course). It is now 6:00 PM and he hasn’t even left Atlanta. He was supposed to be home at 5:00. I thought, “No biggie. 2 hours until bedtime. I got this.”

She went to her bed without complaint. Babbled herself to sleep as usual. An hour later… coughing and babbling….

“CRAP! I forgot to put the Vicks Vapor Rub on her. Is she going to have trouble sleeping??” I thought. She went back to sleep.

10:15 more coughing and whining. Mom guilt setting in…

11:15 Kyle is finally home. Laney is getting louder – whine is turning to cry. I decide I will go put the smelly stuff on her. Rock her for 5 MINUTES and then we will be good to go. Well, at 12:30 I had a mini mental breakdown. Kyle took over. No one got any sleep, and there is a STRONG possibility there will be some crying it out again tonight.

On the bright side, I am happy to report we made it though the morning. Laney went down for a nap without complaint and is on hour three of sleeping soundly. Her diaper may have leaked all over my comforter this morning, and I may have dropped my phone in paint while painting my new backdrop this afternoon. But overall, I am calling today a step in the right direction. :)

It’s been quite a week, but one second of this and it all fades away:

On to the usual photo cuteness.

And my pic of the week:


Hope you all have a happy and RESTFUL weekend! :)


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