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9.17.15 – Birthday Recap

17 Sep

The third birthday was definitely one for the books for this little girl. It’s no surprise this Laney loved being the star of the show, and I think this was my favorite birthday yet. Mostly because she understood so much more, and I loved watching her and her friends have a ball. We were all exhausted, but I love the planning, crafting, and seeing it all come together. And the cherry on top: the joy!

Thank you to everyone who joined us from near and far. I know it’s a long drive for some and everyone has busy schedules, but it really means the world to us that you come celebrate with us. Our little ice-cream-lover is one loved and spoiled little girl!

I think you can tell by my lack of non-iPhone party photos that I worked hard to just enjoy the moment rather than capture it.

A couple vendors if you’re curious: ice cream dress (sold during summer only) | hair clips

9.12.15 – Happy 3rd Birthday, Delaney!

12 Sep

Dear Delaney,

It’s hard to believe the big birthday is finally here. We’ve been talking about it for months. You’ve waited very patiently. “Today’s not my birthday. It’s ___’s birthday.” And today I finally get to say it’s YOUR day! I think Daddy and I are just as excited as you are to celebrate you and all of the joy you bring to our lives.

This letter is always hard and easy for me to write at the same time. It’s hard to put into words how much I love you and what I want to tell you each year. But it’s easy to think of all of the ways you make our lives fuller and more meaningful. I get an overwhelming feeling of joy (and a few happy tears) when I really stop to think about what a miracle you are. You are truly my greatest dream come true. (and I’m crying already)

This year sure was a lot of fun. You have such a fun, happy, silly personality. You love to make people laugh and demand to be the center of attention. You are so animated. Like a little sponge, you pick up new sayings and mannerisms from everything and everyone. For example, you LOVE Paw Patrol and like to pretend you’re a puppy including licking Daddy’s face instead of giving him a kiss. “Sing with me” or “dance with me” are some of my favorite ways that you brighten my day. I pray that you are always this happy. That you’re never afraid to be silly or spread your joy to others.

Your little imagination is blossoming. How quickly it develops sometimes surprises me, and I hope I do nothing more than encourage it to grow. I love watching you play and seeing where your mind takes you. Right now it is all about mermaids, princesses, sparkly things, and animals. And I can’t wait to see where our adventures take us this year.

You have inherited my Type-A perfectionist tendencies. I guess that was bound to rub off on you a bit when we spend so much time together. It first hit me earlier this year when you didn’t want to dump the container of blocks out for building because it would make a mess. We had to take a few pieces out at a time. I promised you and myself that day that I would encourage you to make more messes. But I need you to promise me that you will never let fear of not doing something well keep you from trying, OK? “Try, try again!” Some of our greatest learning comes from making mistakes and messes. I push you to do something yourself or make a mess (as frustrating as that is for you) so that you will learn this important lesson. And I’m happy to report we dump all of the blocks out every time now (maybe I should have rethought this one). But maybe we can go ahead and start pooping on the potty? (You are so stubborn about that one!) ;)

You love being outside. Picking flowers, piling up rocks, jumping on the trampoline, dancing in the rain, playing tag, and splashing in water are some of your favorite things. Your daddy does an amazing job at encouraging you to explore and try new things. I am so lucky that he encourages you in the ways I am lacking. I hope you always cherish the time you two spend together.

You started preschool recently, and you love it. I hope your love of learning never stops. It makes my heart so happy how much you love books and reading. You are a very smart little girl, and I’m really proud of you for working so hard to learn your letters. But more importantly, baby girl, I want you to learn kindness and empathy. I love that you are concerned when a friend is crying (“she bumped her head!” “she lost her mommy!”), and I want to keep nurturing that empathy. I will keep pushing you to share and to think about how others are feeling so that you learn to be a good friend. And you are really doing a great job so far. I know it is hard when you are used to it just being you.

You are a beautiful little girl inside and out. This year was certainly one for the books. We had tons of fun, some tears, and a few “I’m sorrys.” We are both learning on this journey, but I am loving every minute. Here’s to another year of fun, learning, and exploration. You are certainly my favorite adventure!

Happy birthday, Delaney! I’ll eat you up, I love you so!


Mama and Daddy

9.1.15 – First Day of Preschool

4 Sep

Bug started preschool this week at her new school! I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I dropped her off. I wasn’t really going to be surprised either way – tears or “see ya mom!” She seemed really excited when we went to her open house last week – when she entered her classroom she said, “Wooowww!” She was even more excited about her new backpack until I didn’t let her fill it with whatever she wanted. ;) I was mostly just praying she wouldn’t be in a different outfit when I picked her up due to a potty accident.

Everything has gone great! She was a little hesitant when I told her I was leaving. “Momma come play with me!” But cue a little Daniel Tiger “Grown-ups come back!” and she was good. She was very excited to see me at pick-up. “Mommy, I’m home!” and lots of kisses and hugs warmed my heart.

I can tell she is going to have a super fun year, and I can’t wait to see how much she grows in many ways.

Cue the obligatory Pinterest back-to-school photos. ;) What surprised me the most? Photo cooperation! And those poses… not sure where they came from, but she kills me.

8.28.15 – Lincoln Balloon Festival

28 Aug

Another day, another backdated post. Better than no post, right!? If every weekend could be a three-day weekend with no sessions, then maybe I would post more promptly. Ha, right… Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we decided to be a little spontaneous and drive to the Lincoln Balloon Festival. I have always wanted to see hot air balloons in action, and riding in one is on my bucket list. The weather ended up being too windy for flight, but we still got to see a few of them glow.

Plus Laney enjoyed disliked her first carnival ride. “No more elephants.” Apparently she has my enthusiasm for things that make you spin.

It was a beautiful fall-like night to meet up with friends, enjoy some fair fare, and check out some beautiful “BIG BALLOONS!” Might have to be a new tradition! Wish I had more time to play with these pictures, but here is what I captured from our fun Friday night in Lincoln.

8.27.15 – Almost Three (Read: Free)

27 Aug

Weight: 34 3/4 lbs (86%)

Height: 37.5″ (68%)

BP: 96/56

I was looking at the calendar the other day and realized sweet Laney’s birthday is only a little over 2 weeks away. So in my hustle to make a few photo preparations for party time, I thought I would give this very neglected blog a little love.

We started this space to share our adventures out East with family and friends back in the Midwest, but once our little miracle arrived it became a place to document our lives and share the joys (and struggles) of our parenthood. I’ve become less regular in the documentation part, but I still like to pop in and share a little bit about who Laney is at this moment. It’s so fun to go back and look at past posts, and think, “Remember when she did this?!” Or “remember when she said that?!”

I need to start writing ideas down, because throughout the day I will think, “Oh I need to add that to the blog!” Then I sit down to write the post, and I can’t remember any of those things. But we will give it a try…

Our silly, smart, feisty, lovable, beautiful almost-three-year-old…

LOVES: being outside WITHOUT shoes on. Which is quite funny for a little girl who didn’t want to touch the grass a year ago.

Daddy (and family) worked so hard this summer to give Laney and I the perfect backyard to explore, play, and have fun. Jumping on the trampoline, sliding, and the sandbox are the definite favorites right now.

LOVES: bike rides, reading books, swinging, bubbles, chalk/coloring, jumping, exploring, swimming/splash parks, and playing with friends.

HATES: being hot (note pictures she is laying down outside – she gets it from her mama)

DISLIKES: cooperating for pictures, but has become quite a fan of the selfie

LOVES: adventures to the zoo, dancing ’til she drops (especially at weddings!), playing in the rain, animals of all shapes and sizes (even bugs!), riding on boats, music class, and the freedom of playing at the park

HATES: being alone. Improving on independent play every day, but would MUCH rather play with someone else.

She is happiest in a dress and sparkly shoes, dancing and singing all day long.

594A4107week 30

Other tidbits:

We ask Laney who she would like to pray for every night. It was always a family member until one day randomly a few months back she said “Jesus and ants,” and it has been that same answer almost every night since. I like to think of it as a little reminder to pray for all things big and small.

My favorite mispronounced phrases: “Let’s go oupside” “I want yogurk” “ABCDEFGHIKKLMNOP” “pineapples!” (pinecones) “boosebumps” (goosebumps) “I bix it!” (fix) “yogurk” (yogurt) “I have a pickle.” (freckle) She also gets her pronouns mixed up all of the time right now.

Other favorite phrases: “I just can’t!” (very dramatically) “Not today!” “We did it!” (Dora inflection) “I want to watch!” (TV/movie) “Want to play with me?” “What’s her/your name?” “Set the timer!” “One more time!” “She’s crying! She bumped her head! Or “She lost his mommy!” “Not this one song!” (change the song)

Funny moments (probably will add more later as I remember): “Mom, can you hold this? It’s too heavy!” (it’s a piece of paper)

Tonight there was a girl Laney’s age at the park. I told Laney to go introduce herself and ask her if she wanted to play. Laney asked the little girl what her name was and asked her to play. A few minutes later the little girl asked Laney her name. L fumbled through, “Delaney Evelyn Pott.” Little girl, “HUH?!” This cycled a few times before Kyle and I said, “Just say Laney.” Little girl, “Oh! Come on, Laney.”

As of today, we are on our way to being completely potty trained. It’s always fun that Laney returns the favor of cheering when it is my turn to go potty. “You’re doing it, mom! Good job! You need to make poops? Let me see!”

That’s all I’ve got for now. Plus I gotta save some good stuff for her yearly birthday letter. Can’t believe it’s almost here, but I know it must feel like forever to her. Almost every morning, “It’s not my birthday today, right mom?! September 12th. 2 sleeps?”

What am I missing, family/friends? Help me remember! :)

7.26.15 – Happy Birthday, Annie!

26 Jul

Only backdating this post a month. :) Finally made some time to work on editing some personal pics – even if these are very brief, quick edits. But it was such a fun weekend celebrating our big 10-year-old that I couldn’t not post them. We did lots of swimming, eating, and playing. Laney gets just as excited for other people’s birthdays – mostly because she knows that means cake.

Laney even got really brave and jumped off of the diving board for the first time! She was a little less brave after Uncle Ryan gave her a huge toss in the air. Note the look of terror on her face. :) Can’t believe my baby sis is in the double digits. And can’t believe summer is almost over… sure has been a fun one! Happy birthday, Annie! We love you!

7.12.15 – Our Anniversary

12 Jul

Lucky number seven! Or the “seven year itch…” just kidding. ;)

It’s our anniversary!

We went on vacation earlier this year, but Kyle still wanted our annual beach photo:


It’s been a fun year, but we didn’t have a ton of milestones to write on our “number 7”:


– Kyle promoted to director

– Kyle finished his CLU designation

Apparently, Kyle was more productive than I was this year. Ha! We made lots of improvements to the house including creating a new studio space for me. Completed a few outdoor projects here-and-there like a garage gym and re-org as well as Laney’s playhouse. I continued to grow my photography business, and, of course, chased after our little munchkin. We also took our annual trip to Hilton Head, SC. Most importantly, we had lots of laughs and fun with our silly, energetic, talkative little girl.

I think we are both pretty proud of the couple we are today. We’ve both grown and matured a lot in the last seven years – through a lot of ups and a few downs, grad school and designations, home ownership, job changes, a big move, and our parenthood journey… and there is no one I’d rather share it all with!

Lots of excitement planned for the year ahead. A trip to HAWAII!! And hopefully a few other surprises along the way. I am optimistic that seven will be our best year yet. :) Thanks for the love today! Here’s to many, many more!


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