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11.6.14 – Laney Update

6 Nov

We have almost hit the 2 years + 2 months mark, so I thought I would write a little update about what Laney has been up to lately. She doesn’t change as quickly as she used to, but I wanted to document some of the funny things she says and does before we forget. And to give a long overdue update of what we have been up to lately.

Our weeks are pretty busy these days. Mondays are our only “free” days. Tuesday/Thursday morning Laney goes to a Mom’s Morning Out program aka she goes to “school” to “play whif fwiends.” Wednesday morning is Kindermusik and Friday mornings we go to a mom’s group at a local church. We squeeze in plenty of playtime and exploring new places. The days fly by so fast!

2014-09-27 16.51.24 2014-10-17 10.37.13 2014-11-05 11.40.15

Funny sayings and phrases:

“kiss your face” whenever she wants to give/receive a kiss

“There’s the ____” i.e. “THERE’S the MOMMA!” when she sees you.

“OOOOKKKKAAAYYY” when the answer is “yes” to a question.


“Pooowweee” when something is stinky while waving her hand.

“You tired?” whenever someone yawns.

“Missed you” when I pick her up from school. She still doesn’t say love you very often, but missed you is just as nice.

“Aahh–Aahh–choo!” for her fake sneeze.

“________, WHERE ARE YOU??” in a sing-song voice. Then “THERE YOU ARE!”

“What’s my name?”

“Sorry, teacher!” I guess she learned this one at “school.”

“MINE!” “It’s LANEY’S _____” (not so funny)

“SHARPS!” or “WEALLLY SHARP! Be careful!” when she sees scissors or knives.

“Hold on tight! Fly away!” when it is really windy.

She is always super excited when Daddy gets home. We spend our evenings doing handstand push-ups:

2014-10-23 18.07.51

Or having dance parties:

Or taking trips while “singing”:

She recently loved the agent’s office “Eddie Bear” and reading material:

2014-10-29 17.00.55 2014-10-29 17.02.58

She is also working hard to master stairs

2014-10-27 12.05.27

And if you follow me on Instagram/Facebook, you’ve already seen this, but it makes me laugh every.time.

We’ve been working on her knowing her name. Here was her first take:

And the second (LOL):

She cracks me up! Never a dull moment in life with Laney!

10.31.14 – Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Has it really been over a month since I blogged? Yikes! I guess that tells you how busy things have been around here.

Anywho… Happy Halloween! Wanted to share some photos of our pumpkin carving, costume, and trick-or-treating. It was a SUPER windy and very cold night in central Illinois, so we didn’t get to do as much trick-or-treating as we would have liked but she still had a great time. She handed out candy to her “friends” that came to the door, and she was happy to take whatever our neighbors would give her and put it in her pumpkin all by herself. I think the most exciting part was being outside when she could see the moon. She was very concerned when it was hiding behind a cloud. She is going on an hour now of jabbering in her crib from her sugar high as I type this. I’m sure she will be asking to “knock-knock” or have some more “soccer game” tomorrow. She kept confusing the words “soccer game” with “chocolate,” and it was cracking us up!

First some pumpkin carving:

She loved every minute! She went right for that goop and said “uh oh! all gone” once we had scooped it out and wanted more. It was lots of fun until she wanted to hold the “sharps” and couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her hold one. We quickly avoided ameltdown by lighting the candle, which then caused another near meltdown. We let her blow out the candle a few times and decided that we were done, but she wanted to “try it again!” So we quickly moved on to the next distraction…story of my days!

We had Laney practice trick-or-treating a few times this week, so she was SO excited when I told her today was the day. She asked all day to “knock! knock!” She was a little unsure when the doorbell started ringing like crazy, but she quickly got the idea and wanted to hand candy to the neighbors. She had fun doing some trick-or-treating of her own, but quickly decided she wanted to head home and break into her sucker stash when she got cold. So dang windy!

She also loved getting some Halloween cards in the mail this week. (Thank you Great Gramma, Grampa, and Aunt Carol):

2014-10-30 13.21.56

And here are a few snapshots of her in her costume:

I wanted her to be a butterfly because I love how she says “buttasy!!” but now that Halloween is here she almost says it correctly now. But she’s still cute, and she loved her outfit – especially her skirt. She wore it several evenings this week for our nightly dance parties.

FInally here is one of Delaney with her girls (minus Savannah):


I’d say it was a pretty great Halloween for our little girl. I’ve decided holidays are twice the fun and twice the work! So ready for my two favorite holidays coming up!! :) Not so ready for the cold weather…

Good night!

9.20.14 – Delaney’s 2nd Birthday Party

21 Sep

I am pretty late in posting Laney’s birthday party recap. This fall has been busier than I ever imagined it would be when I started my little photography business almost a year ago, which is great! (Except when it comes to finding time to blog about our family happenings….)

We decided to have a book-themed birthday when we noticed how much Laney LOVES books. Most little ones her age do, of course, but she will spend hours a day pulling them off her shelf, looking through them, asking us to read them, “reading” them herself, etc. I merged a few ideas I saw on various party-planning blogs and got some help from QT Prints (who is fabulous to work with!) for her invite. And the stars aligned when Laney was super cooperative on a beautiful evening to capture some of my favorite photos of her. And here is the result:

Delaney Front with Bleed

The inside of the card had all of the party details on a “library card.” I got little library card holders to put them in and stuck them on the inside of the folded invite.

The rest of the party kinda came together when I saw the Oh Joy! Target party supply line for fall had teal, pink, black, white, and gold. I quickly snatched up what our local target had and used that as my color scheme.

Here are some photos from the rest of the decor.

I did my best to go a little more low-key than last year, and I reused several items from previous events. I got some fun engraved pencils from Earmark. The book page garlands are from Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard. Everything else I made myself or purchased from Target.

And here are some photos of the birthday girl and family. Laney’s adorable shirt is from Swallow’s Return. And her book page flower bow is from Maisey’s Daisey’s.

She did pretty well despite a few melt-down moments. She was hesitant to blow out her candle but did it all by herself. But she didn’t even want her cupcake after talking about cake all day! We were pretty disappointed in them. Our usual bakery closed, and these were a let-down. She loved opening presents. If it was clothes, they got tossed straight over her head. The toys had to be immediately opened. Our family and friends were too generous as usual – she is one spoiled little girl.

Thank you, friends and family, for making her day so special! Another year in the books!

9.12.14 – Delaney’s Birthday Recap

12 Sep

I think our little girl had a pretty fabulous birthday! She loved getting all of your birthday wishes, so thank you!

We started the day off right with a balloon and a smmoovie (smoothie). Daddy knows how to make his girl happy. She also checked her birthday messages. ;)

Then we proceeded downstairs to her birthday doughnut and presents. She was a little hesitant at first, but she even blew out her candles! She loved her colors, table and easel. Like most kids, she immediately tossed her clothes to the side and headed for the book.

Then we got cleaned up and headed to gymnastics open gym and lunch. She had her favorite Noodles & Co. macaroni and cheese and a cupcake.


Despite both her nose and the weather outside being yucky, I think she would say it’s been the best day. Can’t wait for next weekend’s birthday bash!

9.12.14 – Happy 2nd Birthday, Delaney!

12 Sep 594A1535

Dear Delaney,

Happy birthday, Bug! As cliche as it sounds, time keeps flying faster. Feels like just yesterday we were getting ready for your first birthday bash, and it is already time to celebrate you being TWO! This year is even more fun, because you are starting to understand the idea of a birthday party. You have loved opening birthday cards in the mail and you have been practicing blowing out candles. You also say “TWO” when we ask you how old you are. ;) We can’t wait to gather the people we love the most next week to celebrate our sweet miracle baby who isn’t so much a baby anymore.

Daddy and I love watching you grow. You have such a big personality. You love to be silly and make people laugh. You are so outgoing – saying “hi” and “bye” to anyone you meet. Sometimes I get a little embarrassed when you call older men and women Papa or Grandma. But I hope you never stop being friendly towards others – especially those you don’t know, and I hope you always enjoy making others smile.

You also have a big heart and care about those around you. “You, OK?” is a phrase you often say these days towards us and others – whether someone is injured, or crying, or choking – you are right there with a pat on the back, a hug, or tears of empathy. Baby girl, never stop caring about how others feel. The world needs more people with your heart. You are blessed with your daddy’s curiosity and love of learning, and I hope that never fades. I love watching your excitement for learning colors, letters, and numbers. You love naming objects and colors of objects everywhere we go. I love seeing you start to make sense of the world around you as your vocabulary grows daily and you learn more social norms. I love that you love books as much as I do. Your favorites right now are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Little Owl Lost. But mostly, I love your little mispronounced words. Buttasy (butterfly), patapillar (caterpillar), fwong (frog), and smoovie (smoothie) are my current favorites. I hope you never lose your love of learning and reading – it will get you far.

You are my cookie-loving, purse-toting, bracelet-wearing, ball-bouncing little toddler. You love to run, jump, and spin. I think you are making up for lost time in the mobility department. You love music and dance parties – especially when Mommy and Daddy dance too. You dislike when your food or the weather is too hot. But you love food and the outdoors any other time. You still love all animals – especially your stuffed animal friends. You love being around friends and family – you are definitely a social little being, but you also like a quiet moment to decompress after being around others. You are quick to tell us “it’s fun!” when you are having a good time, but you also have strong opinions about what you like and dislike. You hate being alone. “Play!” is the probably the most said word in your vocabulary – said in conjunction with yanking our arm away from the housework we are trying to get done. Playing catch, coloring, and rocks are also some of your favs. I know this list will change over time, but I love documenting your likes/dislikes and always look forward to what the next milestone will bring.

Every day I thank God you are mine. You gave me the role I wanted more than anything else in this world – Mommy. Every year when I write this letter, I get a chance to sit down and truly think about how much that means to me (usually with lots of tears flowing as I write). I never could have imagined a girl as funny, sweet, smart, and beautiful as you. Most importantly, you push me to be a better person. The person I hope and pray that you will grow up to be. More patient, more kind, more faithful, more thoughtful, more polite, more loving, and more curious about the world around me. I continue to try and be more of those things, because I know you are watching. And because I know you deserve it. No matter what the future may bring our little family. You, my little Bug, are loved more than you can ever imagine. And I will always be so thankful that God chose me to be your Mommy. Today, we celebrate you!

Happy birthday!

We love you!


Mama and Dada

8.30.14 – Friday Fun

30 Aug

Friday evenings are one of my favorite times, but a Friday before a three-day weekend is the best! The anticipation of an extra day of freedom makes Friday nights even better.

We started the weekend off right with carrying out dinner (I am so over cooking by the weekend) and a trip to the neighborhood park. Laney is at a really fun age. She enjoys the little things so much - a trip to the playground makes her night. Add in an impromptu dance party and she doesn’t want the night to end.

The countdown is on until the big birthday. Only two weeks until we have a two-year-old! I am not really one to get overly emotional about her getting older. Of course, it’s a little sad that time flies by so fast, but I do my best to enjoy the fun and accept the challenges of each new stage. Sure, I miss my sweet, squishy baby that wanted to snuggle all day long. However, I don’t miss getting up in the middle of the night! In the future, I will certainly miss her mispronounced words and excitement for learning the alphabet, but I probably won’t miss the tantrums. And I can get over the sadness of her growing up so fast by looking forward to the next stage. Like coloring and doing crafts together without her coloring all over the couch (or at least hopefully…). Or her saying funny things as she learns about the world around her. And I’m sure the “Why?” question will get as old as “again” does right now, but I’ll remind myself it won’t be long before I’ll miss her wanting help too.

So here’s to enjoying today while also looking forward to tomorrow. And you can remind me I said this two weeks from now when I shed a little tear about my little girl being two. :)

Hope everyone has a great three-day weekend! We will be doing a little work and a lot of play around here!

8.25.14 – Ryan and Kyla’s Wedding

26 Aug

My brother got married this past weekend to one of my favorite gals in the whole world. We were so excited to officially welcome Kyla into the family even though we have considered her part of the family for a really long time. It was a perfect day and so much fun!

We stayed with Ryan and Kyla for a couple of nights before the festivities began. Laney had lots of fun hanging with her aunt and uncle, but I think her favorite part was hanging with Briggs, their dog.

The festivities began on Friday with mani/pedis and the rehearsal dinner. We had some trouble getting Laney to walk down the aisle during practice until the rehearsal was over, so it wasn’t looking good for the actual event.

I did my best to enjoy the day Saturday and not worry about capturing moments on my camera. I did get a few photos on my camera and quite a few on my iPhone. The photos aren’t perfect, but I am glad I have them to remember the special day.

The morning was a bit stressful for me. Laney would not cooperate for photos with the photographer. She kept taking her flower crown off. And she refused to walk down the aisle. But that’s OK. I had to remind myself she isn’t even two. And as it usually does, everything worked out perfectly in the end, I had a super special moment carrying her down the aisle to meet Kyle at the bottom. I got pretty misty-eyed walking down holding my baby girl and thinking about the last time I walked down an aisle to meet Kyle six years ago. And (much thanks to her grandparents for keeping her occupied) she only interrupted the ceremony once trying to get Jacob’s attention. And I may be biased, but I think she looked adorable – snack cup and all. :)

We had so much fun on the party bus. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. Kyla’s sister and Jacob gave some awesome maid-of-honor/best man speeches. They totally rocked it! Then we danced the night away. Laney kept signing “more dancing” every time the song ended. She boogied on the dance floor for an hour or more, and then she just decided she was done and ready to go “home.” 


The next day we had breakfast at the hotel. Laney has some very important phone calls to make.

2014-08-24 12.37.23

It was such an awesome weekend. Especially with these three cuties…

2014-08-24 12.35.38


Congratulations, Ryan and Kyla! We love you! And I hope you are enjoying the beach. :)


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