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2.14.14 – Be Mine?

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a day filled with lots of love. I just wanted to share some photos of my favorite little Valentine*:


The Pott Family

*All photos are copyright of JLP Photography. Please do not copy.


2.4.13 – Walk This Way

4 Feb

Our sweet girl had a bit of a breakthrough on Super Bowl Sunday. Kyle and I really couldn’t believe our eyes as she stood up and walked around many times playing with the other little girls present at our friends’ party. As we have suspected for many weeks now, our little angel is quite capable to fly on her own, but she is quite stubborn about performing a new skill on her own before it has been perfected.

Monday morning she was quite tired and crabby from her late night, but sure enough she was walking more often and longer distances than ever before without prompting. And this evening… we actually played our “chase Laney” game without holding her hand for a little while.

So we have concluded that we can officially say we have a “walker.” She still often prefers a helping hand or crawling, but I can see her gaining confidence each day. I know before long I won’t be able to keep up with her.

I realized that I hadn’t gotten my camera out to capture some of our everyday moments in quite some time, let alone her first steps. I’ve been so focused on my iPhone 365 project and starting my photography business that I haven’t had the energy I guess. So today I grabbed my camera and went back to why I started this photography journey in the first place… capturing the little moments (including our favorite time of day when daddy comes home!). They aren’t technically perfect pictures, but I love them just the same.

Love her baby blues…


And she is getting pretty speedy at climbing those stairs!


I may lose my patience with her sometimes when I think she is ready for something and she doesn’t agree, but I am just so blessed to be her Momma. Hope everyone is staying warm tonight!

12.25.13 – Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry, merry Christmas! We had a fun morning of present-opening and picture-taking:

Hope you all had a day full of family and fun! :)

12.11.13 – Ryan and Kyla are ENGAGED!

11 Dec

I am SOO excited that my brother proposed to his girlfriend Kyla, and I was even more excited that I got to be a part of the special day.

Ryan and I felt like we were in a comedy movie where nothing goes right when we were trying to get things set up during the afternoon before Kyla’s arrival home. But it couldn’t have gone better – she was so surprised!

Here are some pics I took of the set-up and the newly engaged couple:

Love you both! Can’t wait for the wedding!! :)

10.22.13 – Family Photos

22 Oct

We had some family photos taken shortly after Delaney’s first birthday. I picked up the disc today, and I thought I would share.

Thanks to Melissa at Tumbling Leaves Photography for capturing our little family and our sweet baby girl.

Hope everyone is staying warm on this dreary, cold day!

9.22.13 – Happy Fall, y’all!

22 Sep

The weather was amazing. We had no specific plans. And that made for a pretty perfect weekend!
We got some stuff done around the house, enjoyed some laughs over fro-yo with friends, had some family photos taken on a picture perfect evening, and did lots and lots of this:

Whether she is army crawling on her belly, scooting in circles on her bottom, or “walking” with a little help, our little girl wants to be on the move lately. And even though she looks like a drunken, peg-legged pirate, we are thinking it won’t be long now! :) I can’t wait to run around with her and eat jump in some leaves.

Speaking of eating leaves, our family photo session went really well, and I can’t wait to see the photos. Laney hated her second cake smash as much as the first. She liked eating leaves and mulch but not cake…go figure! Bright side: Kyle and I now have a tasty cake to eat! It was the only time she cried the whole session. I don’t blame her. Cake is the least tasty dessert in my opinion!

As always, the weekend went by way too quickly. Time to cheer on da bears and hit the sack. Happy fall!

First Birthday Party Recap

17 Sep

Let’s all sing it together… “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to…” :)

Laney was a little overwhelmed by her birthday party. When she went down for her nap, there were eight people at the house, and when she woke up there were about thirty-eight. A lot of noise and people isn’t usually her thing, but she hung in there. Her cake smash was a bit touch-and-go. We had to pull out the old favorite B-I-N-G-O to keep her from melting down.

And to her daddy’s disappointment, she was not a fan of the cake. She was a fan of flinging it all over me but not so much a fan of eating it. The grown-ups enjoyed eating it for her. :)

The big turn around: presents. Once she realized there were some pretty awesome toys under all of that colorful paper, the whole party thing wasn’t so bad after all. Her little friends got in on the fun too.

Thank you to all of our family and friends who traveled from near and far. Thank you to those who sent well-wishes and gifts. Delaney is so spoiled by all of you. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for loving her so much. I continue to be overwhelmed by your generosity towards her. She is lucky to have all of you in her life.

Here are a ton of pictures from the big event:

I went a little crazy, I know. As you can see, I love planning, decorating, and seeing everything come together (a special thanks to my family for helping me make my vision come to life). Will she remember it? No. But it was worth it to me, because it’s something I enjoy doing and it’s for a little girl I love so much.

If you are interested, here is where I purchased the party supplies:

Invites and thank you cardsCake and cupcakesLady bug garland | Lady bug confetti | One onesie | Birthday crown headbandThank you tags | Kid snack cups | Thank you treat bags | Paper fringe garlands |Paper straws | Utensil holder, mason jar lids, and chalkboard signs | Drink dispensers | Cupcake tree

Tissue paper poms, “happy birthday” banner, “Laney bug is one” banner, cake bunting flags, and monthly pictures banner all made by me.

Now I have a one-year-old. Kinda crazy!

Warne Family Maternity Pics

17 Sep

I was thrilled when our good friends asked me to take their maternity pictures. Let me know what you think of how they turned out:

If you want family and/or kid pictures taken and would like to help me build my portfolio, just let me know. We can’t wait to meet Baby Warne in a few weeks! :)

9.12.13 – First Birthday Recap

12 Sep

It came and went so quickly, but I think Miss Delaney had a super special first birthday.

It started with a wake-up greeting from Mommy and Daddy with balloons.

Then we had a birthday doughnut for breakfast. She wasn’t sure what to think at first, but after the first couple bites she went to town.

Then we opened one of her presents. She of course was more interested in the bow on top than actually ripping the paper. Once we got inside, she was super excited. If you are looking for a gift idea for your favorite musical toddler, I highly recommend the B. Toys Parum Pum Pum Drum from Target. She is a huge fan!

2013-09-12 07.00.49 2013-09-12 06.50.40 2013-09-12 06.49.32

On top of it all, it was Laney’s first day of her Morning Out for Mom’s (MOMS) program at a local church (one morning a week with other kids her age). It was a little hard for me to drop her off with non-family members, but I know it will be so good for her. She of course didn’t even notice I was leaving as soon as she saw the toys and kids, and the teacher said she did great! No morning nap though made for one sleepy birthday girl!

2013-09-12 07.45.42 2013-09-12 07.45.23

For her final treat, she had her first taste of ice cream. We hit up our local fro-yo establishment. She had a few bites but ended up being more interested in playing with the napkins. And later tearing up the napkins and trying to eat the little pieces – guess she was more interested in fiber than ice cream. If she didn’t look so much like me, I would wonder if she was switched at the hospital since ice cream is a pretty regular part of our diet. :)

2013-09-12 18.19.33 2013-09-12 18.24.27

All-in-all it was a pretty great day! Laney said thank you for all the birthday wishes, and she can’t wait for the big party on Sunday!

9.11.13 – Rememberance

11 Sep


It snuck up on me this year. In my busyness in preparing for Laney’s birthday, I forgot today was 9/11 until I saw someone’s post on Instagram early this morning. I remember exactly where I was (high school calculus), how I felt, and how those feelings changed from sadness to fear to anger as we learned more and more about the horrible attacks. It’s hard to believe it has been over ten years.

9/11 Memorial and Freedom Tower in NYC:

AprilDC0048 AprilDC0052 AprilDC0044



So today I will pause from my busyness to reflect, remember, and pray for those we lost, those who fight, and all of their families. And I will celebrate that my sweet baby girl will grow up in the best country in the world:



God Bless the USA!



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