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1.22.16 – Laney Update

22 Jan

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Laney update. It seems like she is more grown up each day. I think of things all of the time to share, and (of course) when I sit down to write them I struggle to think of them.

Her imagination is really taking off, and she is getting so much better at independent play and interactive play with others her age. And since she is no longer napping, these little spurts are very helpful for Mommy. :) She loves playing with little figures and stuffed animals (Paw Patrol, mermaids, etc.) They have lots of conversations. Sometimes I cringe at the phrases I have said to her regurgitated in her play, but I try to brush off the guilt and encourage her friends to be nice to each other. That way I don’t have to hear Laney sending them to timeout in a not-so-nice tone. :)

She is making so many connections now between things happening in the moment and things she has seen or heard before. For example, “I’m going to eat a hamburger just like Pop the Pig does! (a game she got for Christmas)” or “I have blue eyes just like Mommy.” or “Mimi is your Mommy just like your my Mommy.” or “I see a big hill, Mommy! That would be great for sledding!” Fun to hear her little mind working.

She is in what I guess is a shy phase, which can be embarrassing at times because of her reactions to people simply saying hello. She hides and is not friendly to strangers or even people she hasn’t seen in recently (like scowls and mmmaahhhh!). We talk about being friendly and saying hi back to people even if we are feeling a bit shy. I know she hears us, because she will say, “Mom, I am happy! I will be friendly!” But we don’t always get follow-through, but I think it’s just a phase so I try not to make a big deal of it. We recently took Kyle lunch at work, and he wanted to walk her around to introduce us to her co-workers. We told her if she was friendly to everyone we could get an ice cream treat (bribery at it’s best). Wouldn’t you know she was the friendliest three-year-old in the world?! That girl will do just about anything for a treat!

Overall, we’ve been in a good groove (knock on wood). She seems to be doing well at school (conferences in two weeks will tell us for sure). She is very happy and silly almost all of the time. She sleeps all night (even though we’ve been on a waking up early kick this week). And we can usually reason with her if she is losing it over something. Her eating is hit-or-miss, but I’ve decided I’ve stressed enough over it and she’ll learn to eat more variety as she gets older.

A few other funny moments and favorite phrases:

1. Kyle Pott: Ugh, Laney, did you toot?

Laney: (giggling) Yeah.

Kyle: It’s stinky. What do you say?

Laney: Excuse me. It smells like your breath.

2. Laney likes to just randomly lean over and kiss us. Might be leg, arm, whatever. Which is sweet. But the other day Kyle got out of the shower and was standing in his boxers. She walked up and was talking to him, and then just leaned in and kissed him right in the manparts. I started laughing, and said “Kyle!” And he said, “What!? I didn’t see it coming!” And Laney says, “Yes you did, Dad!”

3. Laney loves to pretend to be an animal – especially a cat. The other night she was pretending to chase her “string” like Chester (my sister’s cat).

4. Phrases: “Check!” “Yep! That’s it!” “Where we going today?!” “It’s getting night time!” “Can I watch (TV)?” “Not today!” “5 more minutes, Mom.” “Let’s do it!” “I so excited!” “Mom, I’m not whining. I’m happy!” “Where’d the sun go!?” “Ohh nooo!” “Wanna play with me?” “I don’t like it!” “It’s yucky!” “You’re breath is stinky!” “EWW that’s stanky!” “I did/ate/wore that yesterday!” (everything is yesterday) “I’m still growing!” “I’m three!” “Chase me!” “Come and find me!” “Tag you’re it!” “Uh oh!” “Ahh! A Monster!” “I can do it!” “I love it!” “Come on friends!”

5. She loves to comment on the shape/size/amount of her poops in the potty, which can be slightly embarrassing in public. “Mom, it looks like a bear! Bye, bear!” “Mom! Lot’s of poops!” “Aww an itty, bitty baby poop!” But she’s finally going on the potty, so I’ll take it! Now we need to get her doing the WHOLE process by herself (i.e. wiping!).

And that’s kind-of our January in a nutshell. Lot’s of playing inside, a little playing in the snow, and a lot of pretend. We sure love our silly little chatterbox! :)

1.1.16 – Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a safe and fun evening. We had a low-key evening with my parents and sister. Laney and Annie had a super fun time running around tooting their noise makers and shouting “Happy New Year!”

It makes my heart so happy when they play and giggle together.

We had a pretty awesome 2015, and we have even more fun to look forward to this year! May it be the best year yet!


12.25.15 – Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas! As I was flipping through old photos, I realized this is our tenth Christmas together (time sure does fly!). And I have to say it may have been our most fun Christmas yet!

We spent a quiet Christmas Eve making final preparations for the big day. Laney was PUMPED all day long but a little concerned about her elf, Snowflake, leaving. We went to our candlelight Christmas Eve service, ate a nice dinner out, set out our cookies for Santa, and snuggled up in our new PJ’s for our long winter’s nap.


The next morning Laney woke up at her normal time and seemed to have forgotten it was the big day! Her eyes lit up when we said, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” She asked if Santa was here (still was confused on that whole process this year). She was a bit sad about Snowflake’s departure, but she immediately perked up at the prospect at opening presents.

We had lots of fun watching her open her gifts. The favorites were her binoculars (“it’s not a camera, Mom”), her piggy bank, her play camera, and her super hero costume.

After we spent a few minutes to enjoy the new goodies, we packed up and headed to Grandpa and Mimi’s house for more Christmas fun. We had fun catching up with extended family on both sides, and Laney couldn’t get enough of opening presents and eating treats.

I tried really hard to be present in the moment this year and not caught up in capturing every detail. My only regret is not getting a a family photo of the three of us at some point, but as Kyle always says I have some great “mental pictures” of this super special Christmas.

We also have two special birthdays after Christmas. Happy birthday, Mimi and Grandpa! Laney is always available to help unwrap presents, blow out candles, and of course assist with the cake eating!

2015-12-31 13.50.34

Hope you all had a magical Christmas!

11.26.15 – Happy Thanksgiving

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving! First, I have to share some photos from Laney’s preschool Thanksgiving Feast a couple of days ago.

She was having a crabby day and had told me she did not like her hat when they made it last week. She participated very slightly at the beginning and at the end with the musical sticks. The rest of the time she yawned and made grumpy faces. She was more interested in the snack and getting to go home. :) She was the only child who wasn’t thankful for a family member, so everyone had a good laugh when we shared that Laney was thankful for “turkeys.”

We spent Thanksgiving in Kokomo this year and were very excited to find out my brother Ryan and his wife Kyla are expecting their first baby in June!! It was really nice out, so we even got outside to burn some energy and play some football! It was a super fun day with family.

Finally, Laney is a huge fan of Chester, the cat. Not sure the feeling is always mutual. ;)


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We are sure thankful for the many blessings in our life!


11.22.15 – Happy Birthday, Daddy!

22 Nov

It was a pretty low-key day for our favorite birthday boy. Kyle was in an intensive review insurance designation class all weekend. I was sick/working. But we definitely took a little time out of our day to make daddy’s favorite meal and cake! Laney was all about helping blow out the candles.

We love you! Cheers to 31!

11.7.15 – PU vs U of I Game

7 Nov

We went to visit Jacob at Purdue for the homecoming football game versus University of Illinois. We never made it to the game (because it was a blowout), but it was great to pretend to be young again and check out campus. Kyle was of course stoked his team won (one of their few wins this season), and we had a ton of fun hanging with my brothers on a beautiful November day!

10.31.15 – Halloween

31 Oct

I was super excited for the first holiday of the fall season this year. Holidays are so exciting again once you have kids, and three years old is a pretty magical year in the holiday department. Laney was SO excited to trick-or-treat as a “sparkly mermaid princess.” And I was so excited that it wasn’t -20 degree windchill this year (even if it was a little rainy).

We had just returned from Hawaii, but we were really excited for Aunt Kyla and Uncle Ryan to join in on the fun this year. We carved/painted pumpkins, trick-or-treated, and celebrated our little friend’s 2nd birthday. So much fun in one day! Laney could hardly contain herself.

I couldn’t help getting a couple of Halloween surprises for our girl. That bed head… oy! Hoping that phase ends soon!

We started off the morning with a little photo shoot. Thanks to my super sweet and talented neighbor/friend Kelly for making the mermaid skirt!

Carved and painted a few pumpkins. Painting was necessary on a couple since we had purchased before our Hawaii trip (and they were near the end of their useful life).

Finally it was time for the big event!

Birthday bash cuties!

And we Snap Chatted a little fun to Uncle Jacob, but it was too cute not to save.

Hope everyone had no tricks and lots of treats! :)



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