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12.7.14 – Santa Visit

8 Dec

We made our annual trip to visit Santa at the mall yesterday. Laney doesn’t really have any concept of who Santa is. She has asked, “Who’s that!?” when we are reading some of her Christmas books. And now she thinks any older gentleman with a white beard is Santa. When I asked her if she wanted to see Santa at the mall yesterday after her nap, she promptly replied, “No!” But with a little bribery we got her in the car and headed off. She was pretty excited when we got there – mostly by the Allstate dog mascot in the window of the Allstate store.

2014-12-07 17.38.54 2014-12-07 17.38.50

She seemed willing at first when we walked up to the Santa area…

2014-12-07 17.34.19

But as soon as we set her on Santa’s lap, she freaked!


i really didn’t expect anything less. When she saw the picture, she said, “Laney crying.” She did want to go back and say “bye” to Santa before we left – from a safe distance of course.

And a trip down memory lane (they just keep getting better):

santa comparison 2014

In other news, we also had our first Christmas party with our friends this past weekend. We all had a great time, and Kyle won the annual find the pickle competition! Six baby girls under the age of 4 – so many fun memories ahead!

2014-12-06 18.47.55 2014-12-06 18.47.352014-12-06 18.36.33

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

12.1.14 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

1 Dec

YAY! December! I LOVE this time of year – I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. We spent the rest of Thanksgiving weekend getting the house decorated and things prepared for the hustle and bustle that is December!

First up was decorations. I couldn’t wait to decorate the tree with Laney, and she loved it as much as I thought she would. Although she started hoarding all of the ornaments for herself (“MINE!”), but we talked her into putting them on the tree instead. I am really making an effort to enjoy moments more and worry less about capturing them perfectly on camera, so I didn’t take a ton of photos.

I wanted to see what my camera can do in what is a very dimly lit room at night. I didn’t have a tripod set-up, so some of the photos are SUPER noisy. I ended up breaking out my flash, which I probably should have done to start with, but I like experimenting. The third-to-last picture above is Laney’s reaction to us turning on the lights on the tree.

Today I’ve been busy getting Elf-on-the-Shelf ideas and our advent calendar ready. Laney named her elf Snowflake, and we spent some time playing hide-and-seek with her to get her used to the idea of looking for her each day. She kept saying, “Snowflake, where are you!?” We aren’t going to do the “she’s watching you” idea this year (she wouldn’t get it anyway) – just a little Christmas wonder for her to look forward to each morning.

I have also been dying to do an Advent calendar since she was born. I want to make sure I take some time each day to stop and enjoy the holiday season with her, and I think this little calendar will be a good way to do it.

Here are our plans:

1. Christmas felt shapes to play with on the window.

2. Paint our nails red!

3. Color pictures to send to grandparents.

4. Washi tape decorations on the wall.

5. Go to the bookstore to play & pick out a new Christmas book.

6. Socks! Have a dance party to Christmas music in our socks.

7. Go see Santa!

8. Drive around to see Christmas lights in the dark.

9. Watch Christmas Muppets movie.

10. Decorate an ornament.

11. Off to Grandpa and Mimi’s house we go! Wear your Santa hat.

12. Take treats to Jacob’s basketball team.

13. Build a gingerbread house with Annie.

14. Make snack necklaces & watch Elf.

15. Stickers! Create a birthday card for baby Jesus.

16. Decorate our own wrapping paper & wrap presents.

17. Make Christmas popcorn.

18. Christmas program. Wear your pretty new bow!

19. Eat a candy cane.

20. Festive breakfast today! Make Christmas pancakes.

21. Write a letter to Santa.

22. Reese treat! Bring treats to our neighbors.

23. Make and decorate Christmas cookies.

24. Candlelight Christmas Eve church service & open special present under the tree.

I planned around our travel/busy-ness schedule. Next year, I want to include more charitable ideas when she can understand a little bit better. I also can’t wait to break out our holiday-themed books. So much to look forward to!

Happy holidays, everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

11.6.14 – Laney Update

6 Nov

We have almost hit the 2 years + 2 months mark, so I thought I would write a little update about what Laney has been up to lately. She doesn’t change as quickly as she used to, but I wanted to document some of the funny things she says and does before we forget. And to give a long overdue update of what we have been up to lately.

Our weeks are pretty busy these days. Mondays are our only “free” days. Tuesday/Thursday morning Laney goes to a Mom’s Morning Out program aka she goes to “school” to “play whif fwiends.” Wednesday morning is Kindermusik and Friday mornings we go to a mom’s group at a local church. We squeeze in plenty of playtime and exploring new places. The days fly by so fast!

2014-09-27 16.51.24 2014-10-17 10.37.13 2014-11-05 11.40.15

Funny sayings and phrases:

“kiss your face” whenever she wants to give/receive a kiss

“There’s the ____” i.e. “THERE’S the MOMMA!” when she sees you.

“OOOOKKKKAAAYYY” when the answer is “yes” to a question.


“Pooowweee” when something is stinky while waving her hand.

“You tired?” whenever someone yawns.

“Missed you” when I pick her up from school. She still doesn’t say love you very often, but missed you is just as nice.

“Aahh–Aahh–choo!” for her fake sneeze.

“________, WHERE ARE YOU??” in a sing-song voice. Then “THERE YOU ARE!”

“What’s my name?”

“Sorry, teacher!” I guess she learned this one at “school.”

“MINE!” “It’s LANEY’S _____” (not so funny)

“SHARPS!” or “WEALLLY SHARP! Be careful!” when she sees scissors or knives.

“Hold on tight! Fly away!” when it is really windy.

She is always super excited when Daddy gets home. We spend our evenings doing handstand push-ups:

2014-10-23 18.07.51

Or having dance parties:

Or taking trips while “singing”:

She recently loved the agent’s office “Eddie Bear” and reading material:

2014-10-29 17.00.55 2014-10-29 17.02.58

She is also working hard to master stairs

2014-10-27 12.05.27

And if you follow me on Instagram/Facebook, you’ve already seen this, but it makes me laugh every.time.

We’ve been working on her knowing her name. Here was her first take:

And the second (LOL):

She cracks me up! Never a dull moment in life with Laney!

10.31.14 – Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Has it really been over a month since I blogged? Yikes! I guess that tells you how busy things have been around here.

Anywho… Happy Halloween! Wanted to share some photos of our pumpkin carving, costume, and trick-or-treating. It was a SUPER windy and very cold night in central Illinois, so we didn’t get to do as much trick-or-treating as we would have liked but she still had a great time. She handed out candy to her “friends” that came to the door, and she was happy to take whatever our neighbors would give her and put it in her pumpkin all by herself. I think the most exciting part was being outside when she could see the moon. She was very concerned when it was hiding behind a cloud. She is going on an hour now of jabbering in her crib from her sugar high as I type this. I’m sure she will be asking to “knock-knock” or have some more “soccer game” tomorrow. She kept confusing the words “soccer game” with “chocolate,” and it was cracking us up!

First some pumpkin carving:

She loved every minute! She went right for that goop and said “uh oh! all gone” once we had scooped it out and wanted more. It was lots of fun until she wanted to hold the “sharps” and couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her hold one. We quickly avoided ameltdown by lighting the candle, which then caused another near meltdown. We let her blow out the candle a few times and decided that we were done, but she wanted to “try it again!” So we quickly moved on to the next distraction…story of my days!

We had Laney practice trick-or-treating a few times this week, so she was SO excited when I told her today was the day. She asked all day to “knock! knock!” She was a little unsure when the doorbell started ringing like crazy, but she quickly got the idea and wanted to hand candy to the neighbors. She had fun doing some trick-or-treating of her own, but quickly decided she wanted to head home and break into her sucker stash when she got cold. So dang windy!

She also loved getting some Halloween cards in the mail this week. (Thank you Great Gramma, Grampa, and Aunt Carol):

2014-10-30 13.21.56

And here are a few snapshots of her in her costume:

I wanted her to be a butterfly because I love how she says “buttasy!!” but now that Halloween is here she almost says it correctly now. But she’s still cute, and she loved her outfit – especially her skirt. She wore it several evenings this week for our nightly dance parties.

FInally here is one of Delaney with her girls (minus Savannah):


I’d say it was a pretty great Halloween for our little girl. I’ve decided holidays are twice the fun and twice the work! So ready for my two favorite holidays coming up!! :) Not so ready for the cold weather…

Good night!

9.12.14 – Delaney’s Birthday Recap

12 Sep

I think our little girl had a pretty fabulous birthday! She loved getting all of your birthday wishes, so thank you!

We started the day off right with a balloon and a smmoovie (smoothie). Daddy knows how to make his girl happy. She also checked her birthday messages. ;)

Then we proceeded downstairs to her birthday doughnut and presents. She was a little hesitant at first, but she even blew out her candles! She loved her colors, table and easel. Like most kids, she immediately tossed her clothes to the side and headed for the book.

Then we got cleaned up and headed to gymnastics open gym and lunch. She had her favorite Noodles & Co. macaroni and cheese and a cupcake.


Despite both her nose and the weather outside being yucky, I think she would say it’s been the best day. Can’t wait for next weekend’s birthday bash!

7.12.14 – 6th Anniversary

21 Jul

I’m back-posting this a couple of weeks late. We had a very busy couple of weeks around our anniversary, which we spent driving back from our annual vacation to Hilton Head, SC. 

This is not our best picture, since we are both under the weather with seasonal allergies.

Nevertheless…here it is! 6 awesome years!



  • Jamie started her photography business
  • Traveled to New Orleans, LA

That’s it! Not a lot of events to add to the back of the number this year compared to all of the milestones we have had with the last couple of years of moving and baby girl being born! Although, it still felt like a pretty eventful year chasing after our little toddler. We certainly had lots of little moments with friends and family that made this year pretty special, and I think that’s really what life is all about!

5.12.14 – 20 Months!

12 May

Hard to believe we’ve reached the 20’s! Our girl is seeming so grown up lately. Today, she decided she wants to use a big girl cup to drink. Practicing drinking has provided lots of entertainment, but also some spills, lost patience, and temper tantrums. ;) She also earned her first sucker at the doctor’s office today, which she was SUPER excited about.

2014-05-12 09.21.49 2014-05-12 09.21.52 2014-05-12 10.20.04 2014-05-12 10.21.05

Age: 20 Months

Clothes: 24 Months or 2T; size 6 shoes

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, applesauce, mac and cheese, grapes, avocado, cottage cheese, ham, black beans, ground beef, and COOKIES! (This girl would eat “nacks” all day if I let her, but she is still a pretty good eater.)

2014-04-22 07.21.34 2014-04-22 12.10.45 2014-04-22 12.11.47 2014-05-10 19.36.08

Favorite words: Nooo, cookie, snack (“nack”), this (dis), Barney and Bop, bubble, up/down, crying (cying), baby, slide (ide) and swing (ing), stickers (stuck), help (belp), more (mi), hi, Mama and Dada, nose/eyes, potty (bobby), uh-oh/oh-man/oh-no, truck/car/bus/tree, walk/chalk/rock (sound the same, have to use context clues). Her growing vocabulary continues to surprise us each week.

Favorite activities: Dancing and spinning in circles to music; being outside; going to the park to slide and swing; playing with her water table, sidewalk chalk, or bubbles; water the flowers; having snacks; gymnastics and music class; playing with her baby doll, Mrs. Potato head, phone, or piano; playing with stickers; watching Barney; running around stores and restaurants; reading books; naming body parts; helping Momma; being around other kids.

Least favorite activities: Not being able to do what she wants; getting her hands and mouth wiped after a meal; getting a diaper change.

Signature moves: Making a kissing sound when she kisses you or blows a kiss; saying “ooh ah” for her favorite song to be played; pointing to something and saying “dis”; saying “do it” when she wants to do something I’m doing; getting a knee skin when playing outside; going limp when she doesn’t want to be picked up; saying “night moon, night stars” whenever she sees them in her books; folding her hands to pray when we sit down for a meal; making an “o” face when she hears something outside (truck, airplane) and looking at me to name it; sitting in her little rocking chair to rock and watch Barney while I shower; spinning in circles to make herself dizzy; saying hi and waving to everyone we pass by – especially kids; trying to hang with the big kids at the park; naming things we pass in the car; running away in a store when she gets the chance.

Mom’s favorite moment: Mother’s Day, getting lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles unprompted, and seeing her slide all by herself. Last week, she went down and we didn’t see the puddle on the bottom of the slide. We were both surprised when the ride ended with a big splash!

2014-05-09 12.48.31 2014-04-30 13.33.40

Dad’s favorite moment: Seeing her slide headfirst down the slide like her big kid friend. Starting their new game of squeezing Daddy’s puffy cheeks.

2014-04-30 17.53.41


One last fun moment: One day when we came home from the store, there were ducks in our garage. Laney was so disappointed that they flew away. (They of course managed to poop in our garage first.)

2014-04-26 16.05.09-2 2014-04-26 16.05.09-1


Never a dull moment with our smart, silly little girl!


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