12.3.11 – Zooventure

4 Dec

We stepped out of the hotel room today to venture to the Philadelphia Zoo.  It was a beautiful day for being December 3, and we had a great time.  We were surprised by how many different animals we were able to see during the off-season.  Kyle’s favorite was the Galapagos turtles while Jamie’s favorite was the baby cats.  A jaguar and a snow leopard had recently given birth to some adorable little cubs.  Here are some pictures:

*disclaimer: my camera battery was dead, so these are iPhone pics.

After the zoo, we found a theater near our new home and decided to check out Hugo.  Kyle did not enjoy it, but Jamie thought it was pretty good (you can probably wait and catch on DVD with those mixed reviews).  We then “yelped” a restaurant and decided on Francelli’s Italian. It was pretty cozy in the restaurant, and we were seated right next to this lovely older couple.  The wife grew up in Pekin, Illinois of all places! Their grandson is going to be playing football for Northwestern, and they were very familiar with Central Illinois.  They met at the University of Wisconsin and have lived in PA for 30 years. They assured us that we would love the area, which was comforting to hear. Small world!  It was an evening of good food and good company!

All-and-all – a pretty successful first day!  Looking forward to what tomorrow may bring. 🙂

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