1.4.12 – Brrrr!

4 Jan

It is a little bit chilly here in the Northwest today – actually a lot bit chilly.  Since we don’t have a lot of desire to be outside today, we thought we would give you a little update.  Jamie’s internship that was supposed to start this week got delayed to next week, so classes and internship start next week for her.  She is enjoying the last few days of house chores, errands and relaxation before paper writing and logging hours begins.  The final car inspection is being done today, so we will have two legal vehicles to drive in PA by the end of the day (very exciting!). Kyle is back to work.  He is really learning a lot and enjoying it.

Yesterday, Kyle was able to get away from work to meet Jamie for lunch, and we ate at Harvest.  He had tried it once before with some co-workers.  It is a farm-to-table restaurant.  They purchase their ingredients from local farms to create all organic, healthy dishes.  Almost all of the menu options are under 500 calories, and they are delicious!  The best part is the prices are very reasonable.  We will definitely eat there again!

Yesterday evening, we met up with our New Year’s Eve pals at TIME in downtown Philly for a Socially Conscious Philadelphia (SCP) event.  Our friends started the group to combine two of our favorite things – getting together with friends and doing good for others.  TIME was a fun little Jazz bar, and we had a great time.   We are excited to have met such nice and welcoming people (thanks to Katie and Kevin!) and are already looking forward to their next event.

Happy Hump-day everyone!  Stay warm 🙂


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