3.1.12 – Sweet Home Indiana

1 Mar

Last weekend we were able to fly home for a weekend visit with Jamie’s family.  It was great to see them in person for the first time since we had announced the big news.  The whole family was at Mom and Dad’s house, and we had a nice relaxing weekend playing games, hanging out, shopping, and visiting with friends.  The biggest event was riding with my 15-year-old brother for the first time as he is learning how to drive.  He didn’t scare me too much 😉 , and I was really glad to share that experience with him.  His driving caused a little bit of jealousy with my baby sister (6 years old).  She had a little trouble understanding why Jacob – who is still “just a kid with a mommy and daddy” in her mind – got to drive and she didn’t.  She said she wished she could have a costume that looked like him and he could have a costume that looked like her, so that she could drive.  Kids say the darnedest things. 🙂  I am certainly blessed to have such an amazing family – the time went by way too fast!

Now we are back in PA and have some fun weekend plans.  Stay tuned for an Amish adventure and the Bulls vs. 76ers game!

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