3.24-28.12 – A Visit from the Bobbitts: Part II

26 Mar

We rested up from day one and were ready for more. Tracy and Kyle P started the morning early with a trip to CrossFit. Kyle B and I decided to hold down the fort at the house. 🙂 Unfortunately, Kyle P had to work Monday, so he missed out on the adventures of day two.

We started the day with a visit to our local breakfast spot, Koffee Korner. Tracy tried the scrapple and had the same reaction as most of us have – it’s good but will not be a selection of choice in the future. Then we were off to Linvilla Orchards.  Although they don’t have everything up and running yet, it is a really fun place! We enjoyed checking out the farm animals, playing on the playground, and shopping in the farmer’s market. We bought some Dutch apple pie and cheesy bread (which we sampled later) that was delicious!  Baby Bobbitt (BB) loved the playground – especially the slides.

We then took the train back into Philly and headed to Reading Terminal Market for lunch. Kyle B tried some Cajun food while Tracy and I opted for Mexican. We then made a quick visit to Chinatown before heading back to the Liberty Bell for a closer look.  After the Bell visit, we tried to go to Independence Hall, but the tours were sold out for the day. Instead we visited Love Park and City Hall before heading back to the ‘burbs. Kyle B and BB took a nap while Tracy and I planned our trip to Washington D.C.

After Kyle P got home from work, we went for sushi at Temaki Sushi. It was good food, but it wasn’t exactly conducive for little ones with backless seats and a lack of highchairs. Tracy won the award for most adventurous on trying the special sushi roll while the boys chickened out after promising to share. After dinner, we called it a night and went home to rest up for our trip to D.C.

Other highlights from the day:

  • Baby Bobbitt got to feed a goat, which she wasn’t sure of at first. Her later encounter with a lamb did not go as well (see pictures below).
  • We witnessed a foreign visitor reach over the rope to rub and pat the Liberty Bell followed by a loud, “EXCUSE ME!” from the park ranger on duty. The ranger had been sharing the Bell’s history with a young boy who probably peed his pants when the ranger yelled at the man. The ranger then very firmly informed the visitor the purpose of the rope was to keep people from touching the Liberty Bell. “Excuse Me!” became the mantra for the rest of the weekend. 🙂
  • Kyle B made a woman’s day after finding a $4,800 dollar check on the floor of the train. He turned it in to the conductor who made an announcement asking for the person named on the check to come forward. She looked scared to death but was quite relieved when he gave her the check back. She was quite thankful to Kyle.

Here are some pics from our day two:

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