3.24-28.12 – A Visit from the Bobbitts: Part III

28 Mar

Our Day 3 adventure topped them all!  We set out on a marathon tour of Washington, D.C. Despite a little stress and off-road driving, we arrived at a parking garage right next to the Metro stop. After a short ride on the Metro, we set out for the National Mall. We had a chance run-in with Kyle’s friend John who works in D.C. It was quite the coincidence!

Our morning stops included the Washington Monument, the U.S. Botanical Gardens, and the Capitol Building.  We then decided it was time for lunch. We had scouted out a place called Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill, which was co-founded by Chef Spike on Top Chef.  The burgers were delicious!  I also had a yummy black and white milkshake, which was basically a hot fudge sundae. Baby Bobbitt (BB) enjoyed finishing off the chocolate cake (see pictures below).

Once our tummies were full, we headed back out to the Capitol building and National Mall. We witnessed a couple of rallies, walked by the Newseum, and headed to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Kyle and I enjoyed seeing the T-Rex and “Dumb Dumb” statue from A Night at the Museum.  We watched a man draw larger sketches of tiny fossils. We also got to see a mummy and the Hope Diamond, and Tracy got to hold a grasshopper and cockroach.

After the museum, we set out for the White House.  On our way to the Pennsylvania Avenue side, we were told that if we wanted to cross the street we needed to do so immediately. We had seen a motorcade procession on our way to the museum, so we thought it might be someone important. We hung around to snap some pictures, and the police officer informed us Vice President Biden was in the car. Apparently he had a dinner date with President Obama at the White House.

We then headed to the Lincoln Memorial. To our disappointment, the Reflecting Pool is under construction along with much of the rest of the National Mall.  The Lincoln Memorial was probably one of my favorite stops. Outside Lincoln Memorial we checked out the World War II MemorialVietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall and the Korean War Memorial, which were all pretty powerful.

Finally, we headed down to the Tidal Basin to check out what was left of the cherry blossom trees. Their peak bloom was last week due to the warm spring, which was a little disappointing. We had fun snapping pictures in one of the tree branches – especially because Kyle P was having a little trouble getting on the branch. I should note that Tracy handled getting up there no problem. A passerby told us we were going to hurt the tree, so we moved along. Later we saw the signs about no climbing the trees (oops!).  We then arrived at our final stop, the Jefferson Memorial, just as the sun was setting.

At this point, we were all exhausted! My feet are still recovering. 🙂 However, we had a lot of fun and saw so many amazing sites.  We hit up Chik-fil-a for dinner, and KP was kind enough to drive us home as we all snoozed.

Here are some pics from our big D.C. adventure:

Wednesday morning we hung around the house as the Bobbitts prepared for their departure. We didn’t let them leave Philly before getting to sample a cheesesteak. On our way to the airport, we stopped in South Philly to do the Pat’s vs. Geno’s taste test.  I think the consensus was Pat’s fries are better with a mixed review on who has a better sandwich.

That wraps up our visit with the Bobbitts.  Love you guys and thanks for visiting! 🙂

We are spending the next couple of days relaxing and prepping for our next visitors – the Wagner family (minus a couple of important members 😦 ).  Can’t wait!

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