4.6.12 – Wagner Visit: Day 6

6 Apr

Today the whole clan headed into NYC. After a delicious breakfast prepared by my Aunt Jo, we set out for the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, the ferries were not running in the morning due to (what we assume was) a threat. There were several helicopters flying around the statue and ferry operators informed us that the Feds had caused the delay. This threw off our plan a little bit…

We checked out the New Jersey 9/11 Memorial that was located where the ferry tickets were sold. Then we decided to take the ferry from Jersey City to NYC instead and set out for the WTC 9/11 Memorial. Our second hiccup was not knowing that we needed tickets to get into the memorial, which of course were available several blocks from the entrance of the memorial. The line was quite long to get tickets, so my Aunt Jo kindly waited in line while we went to get pizza.

We took the subway to Patsy’s – what we thought was another location of a pizza place my uncle had been to before. Unfortunately, it was a very fancy Italian place. Instead, we ate at Ray’s down the street where a few of the boys tried the baked ziti pizza. My aunt was able to join us with our newly acquired tickets, and we set off re-energized and determined to see some of the sites.

The 9/11 Memorial was pretty powerful and sobering. The museum is not done yet, but there are two large fountains where the bases of the two towers once stood. Each fountain is surrounded with the names of those lost that day. The Freedom Tower with 100 floors completed towers over the site.

We then had to decide whether to risk heading to Battery Park to wait in line for tickets to the Statue of Liberty or to head back into the city to see Rockefeller Center or the Brooklyn Bridge. We decided to walk along the river and head to Battery Park. My uncle jogged ahead to help our chances of getting tickets. While he waited in line for tickets, we checked out the park and the Eternal Flame temporarily housed there.

We were in luck! We were one of the last people to get tickets for the last ferry to the Statue of Liberty. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we got some great seats on the ferry. We had fun learning about all of the symbolism on the statue, snapping pictures, and enjoying the beautiful afternoon. We also saw the American Choppers motorcycle. In my pictures below, you’ll notice the Statue of Liberty in the reflection on the window.

We took the ferry back to our car in Jersey City and headed back to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a tasty dinner before heading back to Philly. Thank you so much to my Uncle Dan and Aunt Jo for the hospitality and tasty food as well as being great tour guides despite things not going our way in the morning. We had tons of fun!

Here are some pictures from our NYC adventure:

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