4.27.12 – An overdue update!

27 Apr

In the excitement of finding out we are having a girl, I sort-of forgot about our blog. 🙂 I have been busy finishing up my ISU internship and independent study this week…OK, more like I’ve been scouring Etsy, Pinterest, and blogs to find inspiration for the baby’s room. But I finished my internship hours and cranked out a couple of ten-page papers this week, so I’m OK with it. Only six more weeks of my Drexel classes, and I am D-O-N-E!

Last weekend we were busy getting our registry started for our upcoming baby shower. I spent hours researching product reviews while Kyle gave me the confidence and reassurance to “pull the trigger” and make the final decision. We had lots of fun roaming the baby aisles and picking out stuff for our baby girl. I was very impressed with Kyle’s shopping stamina, but I could tell he was spent when he no longer had an opinion. 🙂

We did manage to try a couple of new restaurants during our shopping extravaganza. First, we went to House – an organic sandwich and salad place. It has become one of my new favorites!

We also had another Mexican food fail. We tried Hidalgo. The food turned out to be pretty good. However, we were charged for chips and salsa and water, and the chips were terrible. The menu was closer to what we are looking for, but still too fancy for my taste. Kyle has found some places through recommendations from coworkers that I think might be it, so stay tuned as we continue our quest for a Combo #10. 🙂

Other things we learned this week:

1. It’s hard to name a baby girl! We are still working on that…

2. Mice really like peanut butter and bagels. Our little friend won the first two battle rounds, but we won the war with our little house trap last night.

3. A Midwestern-style Mexican restaurant is hard to find out here, but we are determined.

4. The flowered trees are really pretty in the spring, but those petals sure do make a mess later!

5. The weather out here in the spring fluctuates as much as it does in the Midwest – it’s going to be a chilly weekend!

On tap for this weekend: Praxis teaching test for me (ugh!), Cubs vs. Phillies game (yay!), and some more shopping (double yay!).

Have a great weekend everyone!

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