4.30.12 – Weekend Wrap-up

30 Apr

Another weekend has come and gone, and it was quite enjoyable. I endured my Praxis business content knowledge teaching test Saturday morning, which should be the LAST step in getting my Pennsylvania teaching license (just in time for the end of the school year). Once I had that out of the way, we set out to have some fun.

Saturday we met Katie and Kevin and their crew at the Xfinity Live Center in Wells Fargo Sports Park before the Cubs vs. Phillies game. It’s a pretty cool place in the middle of the stadiums where a TON of people hangout before the game for food and drinks. We then headed into the game to meet up with Kyle’s friend from college, Fatima, and her boyfriend Johnathan. It wasn’t the best of nights for weather – it was drizzling rain most of the game, but we were able to watch for about seven innings. True to form, the Cubs played quite terrible and lost 5-2, but we had a nice time meeting John for the first time and catching up with Fatima.

We then headed into South Philly and, with Yelp! as our guide, decided to get some Italian from L’Angolo. It was a small little place and parking was a bit challenging, but it was quite delicious! It had a real authentic Italian family restaurant feel. We got razzed by the locals a little bit for our Cubs gear, but it was all in good fun. Overall, it was a great evening – got to see some new places and catch up with friends.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, so we went for a morning stroll before heading north for some shopping. We hit up the Jimmy John’s for some veggie clubs. (The nearest one is about 30 minutes away, which has been hard for Kyle.) We briefly checked out IKEA to see what their baby section had to offer, and then we headed over to the King of Prussia Mall – the 5th largest mall in America. It was quite impressive, and I managed to find a few clothing items to purchase. 🙂 Our favorite store was Nestology, which sells artwork of local Philly artists. We probably didn’t see half of the mall before it was closing time, which was a good thing since our dogs were barkin’!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Here are a few pics from the Cubs vs. Phillies game:


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