7.11.12 – Hilton Head: Part 1

11 Jul

We are having a great time in Hilton Head, South Carolina! Here is a quick update:

Monday: The decathlon events began with the holding your breath underwater competition and ladder golf. We had a full day of fun and sun at the beach. We tried a restaurant that was new to us called Roastfish and Cornbread. It was delicious! Everyone enjoyed their meal. After dinner, we headed to Coligny for our annual trip to the Island Fudge Shoppe. When we got back to the condo, we snapped some family photos on the balcony. This helped me reach my photography goal for the week, because I’ve spent the last couple of mornings learning new tricks to editing the photos.

Tuesday: We went for a family bike ride in the morning to the community park. The boys played some basketball while the girls played some soccer and cooled off. On the way home, we road through the Palmetto Dunes plantation to see all of the pretty houses. After lunch, the decathlon continued with accuracy toss and paddle ball. We decided to venture back to Up the Creek for dinner on the Broad Creek marina. After dinner, we snapped some more pics on the marina, and we hung around to catch a view of the Shelter Cove fireworks. While we waited for the fireworks to start, we saw a dolphin, a crab, and a crazy crawling fish. We decided we had discovered a new species with the crawling fish and named it a “wagpott.” 🙂  The view of the fireworks was great and we avoided the typical crowd – definitely the way to watch the fireworks from now on. We had some pretty good laughs reviewing the pictures. You’ll see that we struggled to get a decent family photo (I wasn’t allowed to post all of the attempts), but we had a great time trying! We’ll try again later this week.

Here are the pics from the Monday and Tuesday:

Update on the decathlon standings (lowest score wins):

Wednesday: We had a “boys” and “girls” day – everyone took a break from the beach. The girls went shopping at the outlet mall and went to Kenny B’s cajun restaurant for dinner. The boys went on a bike ride, played tennis, and ate at Mellow Mushroom. Beach fun continues tomorrow!

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