7.22.12 – Gramma, Aunt Carol, and Marsha Visit!

23 Jul

The summer fun continued last week with a visit from my Grandma Wagner, Aunt Carol, and Marsha! They arrived Tuesday evening after visiting Fallingwater (a Frank Lloyd Wright house), which they really enjoyed. I made dinner, and we enjoyed an evening of chatting and catching up. Here is a recap of the rest of the week:

Wednesday: Philly tour! We headed to the Reading Terminal Market for brunch and browsed the vendor booths. Then we headed over to the historic district where we checked out the Liberty Bell, Old City Hall, Independence Hall, Congress Hall, and Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier in Washington Park. It was sooo hot and humid (according to TWC it felt like 105 degrees!), so we took a lot of water breaks and one Dairy Queen break. πŸ™‚ We met Kyle back at the house for dinner. We decided to carry out cheesesteaks and Wawa goodies for dinner since we were pretty pooped from our excursion.

Thursday: Kyle and I had a few baby-related appointments in the morning, so the crew set out for Philly on their own. They went to Elfreth’s Alley, Christ Church, and O.C.P. Grill for lunch. I met them at the restaurant, and we toured Betsy Ross’s house and checked out several of the art galleries and boutiques on Gallery Row in Old City. Although we had cooler weather, we were still pretty tired, and Grandma had the brilliant idea to take a cab back to Reading Terminal Market. We enjoyed a pretzel from Miller’s Pretzel Twist (yum!), and the ladies purchased some goodies and gifts that they had their eye on from our first visit. We then met Kyle back at the house and enjoyed a pretty tasty dinner at Iron Hill Brewery.

Friday: It was a MUCH cooler, cloudier, rainier day, but that didn’t stop us! It was actually perfect weather to enjoy Longwood Gardens. This was my first visit to the gardens as well, and I was really impressed! It is over 300 acres of beautiful flowers, plants, fountains, and trees. It was first purchased by the Pierce family from William Penn and later purchased by Pierre duPont (founder of duPont and General Motors) who designed and installed the beautiful fountains. We only were able to see a small portion of the entire grounds in the few hours we were there, and I had lots of fun taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. They have a lights show at night that I will definitely check out in the future. We also enjoyed a yummy lunch in the cafeteria-style restaurant on the grounds. When it started spitting rain, we headed back to the house to meet Kyle. We couldn’t let our guests leave without taking them to our favorite Italian restaurant – Fellini’s Cafe! After dinner, we strolled the shops around town. Then we headed back to the house so they could get rested up for their long drive on Saturday.

Although I was pretty exhausted Saturday from our excursions and late-night chat sessions, I had such a great time! Kyle and I took it easy the rest of the weekend – caught up on house work and did a little baby-related shopping.

Thanks for coming to visit us! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! πŸ™‚ Here are my pics from the week:

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