7.29.12 – Group Trip 2012!

29 Jul

For four years now our BloNo friends have taken a yearly “group trip” together. Everyone was kind enough to make our home this year’s destination since I am rather far along in my pregnancy at this point. It is always a good time, and this year was no exception! I know our visitors from this past weekend are anxious to make their blog debut, so here is our weekend recap:

Thursday: Our visitors arrived late Thursday evening due to some D.C. traffic and plane delays. We gave them a quick house tour, ate a late lasagna dinner at home, and did a little catching up before settling into bed.

Friday: The official Philly tour. We took the train to Reading Terminal Market for lunch and ordered some sandwiches from Tommy DiNic’s that were featured on the Food Network. They were pretty tasty, but I think several of us enjoyed the cookies from the PA General Store even more. After lunch, we made our way down to the Historic District to see the usual sites: Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Congress Hall. We made a quick stop at Ben Franklin’s grave before continuing on to Old City where we saw Betsy Ross’s house and Christ Church. Of course, Kyle had to take everyone down his favorite alley off 3rd and Filbert, which wasn’t exactly conducive to strollers and sleeping babies (he’s learning). At this point, everyone needed to cool off, so we headed over to National Mechanics for a snack and some drinks. Everyone enjoyed requesting songs via their iPhones on the jukebox and got a good laugh when Leslie started dancing to her favorite song, “Call Me Maybe.” It was so cute to watch her get so excited every time she heard that song over the weekend. We also enjoyed taking turns holding the adorable Baby O – although someone was a little jealous when it was mommy’s turn. 🙂 We then ventured on the bus (always an adventure) to Center City to check out the LOVE statue. Everyone was pretty pooped at this point (especially me!), so we decided to head back to the ‘burbs for some pizza and the Olympic opening ceremonies.

Saturday: We headed to the beach! Atlantic City Beach that is. Our arrival time was a bit delayed with the usual beach-going traffic jams, but we made it in time to enjoy the afternoon. After we got settled in, we headed to lunch on the boardwalk at Rainforest Cafe. It was a bit pricy but most of us enjoyed our meal, and Quincy got a little birthday surprise! Unfortunately, lunch took a little longer than expected and our beach gear got a little wet in the rising tide. Ooops! It was super fun to see Leslie and Baby O enjoy their first beach experience. We were able to relax and enjoy the water for awhile before a nasty looking thunderstorm rolled in that had us hustling to the car. In our haste to get to the car before the storm, we did not have time to rinse anything, which made for a sandy journey home. The girls picked up some cheesesteaks from Kyle’s favorite place called Delco’s while the boys unloaded the car and cleaned things up.

Sunday: Quincy and Nicole got a head start on their long drive back to the Midwest while the rest of us headed back into Philly for the Rocky experience at the Art Museum. I had fun snapping pictures. We also ate lunch at the Shake Shack, which is a very popular restaurant in NYC that just opened up in Philly. The burgers are pretty amazing, but the consensus was the shakes were nothing special (still good though). It was definitely a tasty way to end the weekend. We drove everyone through South Philly before I dropped everyone at the airport. The weekend came and went way too quickly!

It was such a fun weekend! The little ones were such troopers on our adventures. My house is so quiet now, and although I’m still recovering physically, I miss everyone already! Thank you, Tracy, Kyle, Leslie, CJ, Tracy, Quincy, Nicole, and Baby O for making Philly this year’s group trip destination. We are so grateful for your friendship and are looking forward to what next year’s trip brings! Now here are the pictures you have been waiting for:

For more fun pics, check out #grouptrip2012 on Twitter. Now back to cleaning the house – only a few more days before Rick and Emily arrive! 🙂

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