8.8.12 – Jamie’s Goals Week 8

8 Aug

It’s hard to believe it has been eight weeks since I decided to pursue my goals of working on photography and a craft once per week. Only 4 weeks to go until our baby girl is due to arrive!

For my photography goal this week, I tried out a couple of my new backdrops I ordered from Lemondrop Stop. My photography teacher (same photographer who took our maternity pics) is going to work with me in her studio for our newborn pics, but I wanted to test out the lighting in our dining room to see if I will be able to take future pictures of our baby girl in there. It was pretty overcast today, but they still turned out decent. I learned I will have to be more careful about taping the backdrops up so they are flush with the trim. I will also have to watch the electric outlet in the background. Finally, I will have to take pictures on brighter days until I get a lighting setup. My new lens (Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II) also arrived today! Of course it arrived right after I finished putting everything away. However, I still tested out a few quick pics (not shown below), and I am already in love. I think it will be great for portraits. Below are a few pics from my little bunny photo shoot:

For my craft goal this week, I created a Halloween costume for our baby girl, but you will have to wait a couple of months to see the finished product. 🙂 I figure I won’t have a ton of time to be crafty once she arrives, so I decided to prepare for her first Halloween in advance. Can’t wait!

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