8.20.12 – A New Tradition (Jamie’s Goals)

20 Aug

This week’s goals were really fun to complete. First, I got a two-for-one deal, and Kyle participated with me. For our anniversary this year, we decided to give each other homemade gifts. You saw my gift to Kyle in an earlier post. Kyle’s gift to me was a wooden “four” with an explanation on a new tradition he would like to start. Each year we will decorate a wooden number together corresponding with the number of years we have been married. On the back, we will write all of the major milestones from that year of marriage. We will then take a picture of the two of us holding the number and put it in a frame. We will keep the previous years’ pictures behind the new one for as long as the frame will hold them. Then, we will pass the numbers down to each of our children as they get married, and hopefully they will continue the tradition and add their milestones to the back of the numbers. Of course, we will be missing years 1-3, but we will have to get those numbers later and pretend we did it all along. 🙂

Here is Kyle taking his turn decorating the four:

We decided to decorate it this year with our wedding colors and a band of pink to represent our baby girl! Our milestones for this year were:

  • Moved to Media, PA
  • Expecting Delaney
  • Mom finished grad school
  • Dad finished CPCU
  • Dad ran his first marathon

We bought a neat frame that we picked out together from a local fair trade shop this weekend. Here is our picture we took (edited by me to meet my photography goal this week), which I will put in the frame as soon as I get it printed:


I am pretty blessed to have such a creative and thoughtful husband. He gives the best gifts! I love traditions, and I can’t wait to continue this one each year. It will be such a great way to reflect back on all of the wonderful milestones of our years together and share them with our future family.

I may do more crafting and/or photography this week since technically Kyle helped me with this, but I’m counting the goals completed for now. 🙂


2 Responses to “8.20.12 – A New Tradition (Jamie’s Goals)”

  1. Lloyd Shook August 20, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    WE really think your anniversary numbers are great. They will be nice reminders of good times past as the years go by. We also vote for you to take Kyle to Hershey even if you have to hog tie him. Love. Grampa



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