8.30.12 – Jamie’s Goals Week 11

30 Aug

We have had some pretty fabulous weather here lately in PA. For my photography goal this week, I decided to put some of my learning from my reading into practice. I decided to get some exercise while I was at it, so I slathered on the bug spray (I’m a mosquito magnet with all of this extra blood flow) and headed to our local state park for some hiking with camera in tow.

First thing I was trying out is a new way of focusing. In my class I had learned to use the manual focus points, but I often found myself “missing the moment” because I was too busy messing with the buttons to choose where I wanted the camera to focus. In the book I read last week, I learned about a custom function (Ch. 7 on my Rebel) that can be turned on to use Back Button Focusing (BBF). Basically, you focus the camera using the (*) button rather than pressing the shutter button half-way down. Using this in combination with Al Servo, I can focus the camera on my subject using the same focus point every time. I can then recompose to my liking, and the camera will keep my subject in focus as long as I stay the same distance from the subject. I have found this so much easier, and Kyle even got the hang of it too.

I also was just working on using Manual mode. Everything I read says practice, practice, practice, so that is what I did! I went in the middle of the afternoon, so the lighting was not ideal according to photography standards. However, I decided life is not going to happen in ideal lighting situations, so I need to get practice in such conditions anyway.

Here are a few pics from my park adventure:

For my craft goal this week, I decided to make a bunting banner. These seem to be pretty popular in the craft/party/nursery/photography worlds lately, and I thought it would be cute to have for baby pictures. I used this tutorial to create mine, which also gave me a chance to practice my sewing skills. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

We are getting close to Miss Laney’s arrival, so we will see if this is my last week for my little project. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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