9.29.12 – Random Update

29 Sep

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hard to believe it is the last Saturday in September already. We have traded in our weekend excursions and travel adventures for bottles, naps, and DVR marathons, but life really couldn’t be any better. I’m afraid I will jinx myself if I keep saying this, but we have been blessed with a very happy baby. She is just perfect in every way, but I know we are a bit biased. 🙂

A couple of random things I wanted to share…many people have said our little one looks a lot like me. I have to admit that when Delaney was laid on my chest after she was born, I did have a little flash of deja vu to a picture I had seen of my birthday and used in my wedding slideshow. Mimi and I have done some baby picture investigation, and the results are in:

That’s my dad holding me in the blue frame, and my little Laney Bug below (ignore the goop–sorry!).

I think it’s a pretty close match. 🙂 I know she will grow and change, but so far she is her Momma’s girl! This may be a good thing, because when her daddy was born he had a face only a mother could love:

Just teasing, Daddy! 🙂 You are one handsome fella now!

On an unrelated note, I thought I would share something else for all the moms out there. Our pediatrician (who is pretty fantastic btw!) shared a homemade wipes recipe with us. We made and used them for the first time yesterday, because Laney developed a little nasty diaper rash. The doc said the wipes in combination with Triple Paste would help clear it up. I have to say after less than 24 hours of use with the Triple Paste her rash looks remarkably better. Apparently, they are better for baby’s skin – and cheaper too! A win-win!

Here is the recipe:

Viva select-a-size paper towel cut in half (we just used whatever brand we had)

2 cups water

2 tablespoons baby oil

2 tablespoons body wash

Pour solution over cut paper towel in round Tupperware. Remove cardboard center. Pull wipes from the middle for use.

We didn’t have Tupperware deep enough, but after pouring the mixture on we could smoosh (very technical term) the paper towel to fit the Tupperware we had. We used half for upstairs and half for downstairs. They work great!

Here is a pic:

My baby girl is awake – time to go! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! We have some football watching to do, but first a Laney photo dump:

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