11.1.12 – Mobile Time

1 Nov

Happy November! I can’t believe it is November already. Our little girl will be two months old soon. Either she had too many Halloween treats last night or she grew again. I know all parents say it flies by quickly, but I just can’t believe how quickly she changes.

One of my favorite changes of late is the fact that she can see and enjoy the mobile I made for her. I remember the feeling of making it and hanging it in her room – how excited and anxious I was to meet her – and I just love watching her enjoy it.

We have been practicing sleeping in the big girl crib. For her morning naps this week, I set her in the crib when she gets drowsy. She usually looks around and coos at her mobile for awhile. Then she gets a little fussy and usually works herself into a sleep. Her naps have gradually been getting longer, so I think she is starting to get used to it. Good thing! She is about to outgrow her bassinet!

While she was working herself into a slumber, I snuck a couple pics of her this morning:

Have a great rest of the week! I better get some cleaning done while she is sleeping… Nana and Papa will be here tomorrow morning!

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