11.14.12 – Trip to Illinois

15 Nov

This past weekend we flew to Illinois for our house hunting trip. Kyle and I both were a little anxious about Delaney’s first airplane ride and finding a house, but the trip turned out to be perfect (but a little tiring)!

First of all, airplane travel with a baby is the way to go! You get to go through security faster, get on the plane sooner, and the flight attendants are extra nice to you. Laney was an angel on both plane rides. She drank her bottle during take-off. Although her eyes got wide with all of the noise and bumpiness, she didn’t cry. Then she fell asleep and slept the whole way both times. People around us commented on how good she was, and we were pretty proud. 🙂

Our first stop was in Chicago. We had a brief visit with Nana and Papa, and Delaney got the chance to meet Uncle Rick and Aunt Emily! Delaney can’t wait to meet her cousin in May!

We then headed down to stay with the Bobbitt’s who were kind enough to watch Laney while we looked at houses all weekend. It was the longest I’d been away from my little girl, so it helped knowing she was in good hands. Tracy helped me relax by send me updates with pictures. 🙂 Leslie was asleep when we arrived Friday night, but the next morning Laney got to meet her BFF for the first time. It melted my heart to watch the two meet for the first time and to see them interact. It will be so fun to watch these two grow up together.

The Warnes came to visit later in the day, and Laney got to meet more of her Blo-No family. We all got to go to dinner one night before we left. It was sooo good to see our friends. We can’t wait to catch up with the rest of the crew when we make the official move back.

And after walking through 21 houses and much deliberation (mostly on my part), we will be heading back to where this journey began. We found the perfect home for our growing family in our old neighborhood. I can’t wait to move in and make it ours!

We spent today recovering and getting settled back into our Philly home. Tonight Delaney will sleep in her big girl crib for the first time. Next up! The holidays and several special birthdays… I can’t believe they are already here! So much to do, but loving every minute!

Here are some more pics from our big weekend:

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