1.12.13 – 4 Months Old

12 Jan

Happy Saturday, everyone! We have been busy getting settled back into a routine in our new home. Kyle has been busy with his new job (which he loves!) and getting his man cave/workout room (aka “PottFit”) in order. Delaney has been busy working on tummy time and rolling on her side. And I have been busy loving on Laney and getting her back into a nap routine while making wish-lists and to-do lists for our new place. Last night, Kyle and I had a quick date night to Biaggi’s. A big thank you to my super sweet former student, Lane, for watching her!

Our sweet baby girl is four months old today! She had a pretty eventful month 3, but she took it in stride. She makes us smile and laugh daily hourly with her funny faces, noises, and giggles. She smiles and squeals with delight every time you go to pick her up out of her crib after her nap. We fight over who gets to go get her, so we can be the one to be on the receiving end of those sweet squeals and smiles. 🙂 She is turning on her side more and more when she is laying in her crib or on her play mat. She loves peek-a-boo, getting tickled, funny faces and voices, and raspberries on her tummy. She does a funny little dance when we change her diaper. It’s like she is doing high knees with her legs to the side but on her back. So cute! She also likes to make her squishy face, which you will see in the pictures below. It’s like the one her daddy makes when he is “stretching his face.” She is still a huge fan of bath time and loves splashing her legs in the water. She gets better with her hands every day – I know it won’t be long before she is grabbing everything. And she slept 8+ hour stretches almost every night this week, which was ah-mazing.

We can’t wait to go to the doctor (minus the shots) in a couple of weeks and for even more fun milestones. She is growing so fast!

Here are pictures from our little photo shoot (plus a few randoms from my phone):

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