1.28.13 – Hoopin’ it Up: Hoosier Style

29 Jan

Laney and I made a trip to Indiana this weekend to visit my family while Daddy stayed home and worked his little tail off. She was an angel on the drive there and was quickly scooped up to get loved on by Mimi and the rest of the crew.

Friday night I loved being able to see Annie rock some cheers after her cheer camp and being able to watch Jacob help lead his team to victory. Laney sported her Tigers outfit with pride. She was a little overtired and overwhelmed by the lights and loud music, but she handled it like a champ and even cheered on her Uncle Jacob for awhile. Saturday night Mimi kindly stayed behind with her, so I could travel to Jacob’s second game – an overtime victory! I am one proud big sis and enjoyed spending the weekend with my family.

The ride home was a bit more adventurous. We had to stop because someone had a diaper blowout and was starving. She screamed the rest of the way home, but we managed to arrive safe and sound. I was very thankful the weathermen were all talk about the big ice storm – that would not have been fun.

Below are some pics from Friday night’s game. They aren’t the best  – the game was packed and we were pretty high up, but you get to see my adorable little sis and basketball-allstar baby brother. 🙂

Hope you have a great week!

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