2.12.13 – 5 Months Old!

12 Feb

Our baby girl is five months old today! Time just keeps flying on by. We have had some exciting happenings in the last month. Delaney keeps growing and changing and learning so quickly, and I’m so glad I get to spend this time with her.

First, we went to the doctor at the end of January for her 4 month checkup. She is in the 98th percentile for head size and weight and the 80th percentile for height. She’s our big girl! She had to get some shots as well, but she handled them like a champ.

The doc gave us the go-ahead to start solids, and you can see that little adventure firsthand in this post. We tried both rice cereal and oatmeal for several days, and she really just wasn’t a fan. Maybe it’s a little early, maybe she doesn’t like the texture/taste, or maybe both… but we made the executive decision to move on to sweet potatoes. It has been going much better. She no longer spits it out or cries, and she’s starting to get the hang of eating like a big girl. I’ll try mixing in some oatmeal this week to see if I can sneak some past her. 🙂

On the sleeping front, she almost always sleeps 8+ hours before getting up for a feeding and going back to sleep. Doc said not to feed her if she gets up before that, because she is calling the late-night pizza guy. 🙂 We have only had to let her cry a little one time so far. The last three nights she has slept 12 hours, so let’s hope that continues!

Another exciting milestone – teeth! She had two bottom teeth showing under her gums when we went to the doc, and they poked through last week. She’s been a little fussy but is handling it pretty well most of the time. Most importantly, it hasn’t affected her sleep at night for which we are grateful.

She has also gotten quite good at sitting up on her own. She still tumbles forward/backward when she reaches for things or looks around, but is mastering it quickly. She is very curious about what is going on around her (wonder where she gets that? 😉 ). She is now really good with her hands. She is reaching for things, grabbing things, and (of course) putting everything in her mouth.

Finally, she is constantly practicing new sounds and noises. As soon as she learns something new, it’s on to the next one! She’s learned blowing bubbles, making raspberries, fake coughing, squealing, etc. Apparently, we have been watching dad watch too many Illini games because today’s noise is a yelling/silent cheering sound. 🙂

Our monthly pics are starting to get more challenging, and I know it will only get harder. Today she was more interested in the construction workers outside, kicking/hitting her giraffe, slapping the chair, and looking anywhere but the camera. I think we still managed to get a few good ones. 🙂 Life with Laney just gets more fun by the day!

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