2.27.13 – Snow Baby

27 Feb

With moving and the holidays, we never got a picture of Delaney with her first snow. Although the first few snows in central Illinois haven’t been that great, so we are counting this one as the first real snow. 🙂 When I saw how pretty it was outside this morning, I jumped at the chance to (literally) stuff Laney in her snowsuit and take advantage of this photo opportunity.

When I zipped her up, I could just hear her saying:

I can’t put my arms down!

We worked fast so she didn’t get too cold. She wasn’t quite sure what to think with the snow hitting her face, all the cold white stuff, and Kyle and I trying to get her to smile. I think we still got a few keepers. 🙂 Love my little snow baby!

Hope everyone is staying warm!

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