3.12.13 – 6 Months Old

12 Mar

Hard to believe we are already halfway through Delaney’s first year of life. Our sweet, smiley girl is growing and changing so quickly.

Her little personality is really starting to show. She is so curious (wonder where she gets that trait) and turns towards every sound she hears. She is very social. She will play independently but likes to keep an eye on where I am. She LOVES to be around other little ones. Her cheeks get flushed with excitement when she is around bigger groups of people. She can be quiet at times and noisy at times depending on her mood but is usually pretty “chatty.”

She is really starting to get the hang of eating. She has tried sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, peas, and avocado. Her favorites are sweet potatoes, peas, and avocado. She will eat some oatmeal mixed in with other foods, but still doesn’t really care for it too much. We tried bananas this week, and so far she is NOT a fan!  After her first bite, she kept staring at the spoon coming towards her (until the point she was cross-eyed) and wouldn’t open her mouth until she was sure it was not bananas. She always likes to take a little sampling of what she is eating before she dives in at each meal. I don’t think she fully trusts us on what’s going to be on that spoon. 🙂

She still loves reading books. She really enjoys turning the pages and trying to eat them. Her favorite toys right now are her stacking cups, Sophie the giraffe, and bird and frog hanging stroller toys with the fabric feet. She also LOVES tags on anything (you’ll see in the bonus pics below). They must feel good on her tongue. If something has a tag on it, she will find it and immediately put it in her mouth.

Her giggle melts my heart, and I love that we don’t have to work so hard to hear it anymore. She giggles at funny sounds or voices we make, “This Little Piggy,” peek-a-boo, raspberries blown on her belly, and when you pretend you’re going to eat her. Sometimes she cracks herself up when she is banging her hands on her high chair or looking in the mirror. She also enjoys when Daddy flies her around the house, bouncing, and patty cake. Her little scrunched nose when she smiles is adorable.

She still hasn’t rolled over. We work at it every day. I barely push/pull her to get her started, and she does the rest of the work. She just can’t seem to figure out how to initiate it herself. She is finally enjoying tummy time more now that she has figured out she can play and use her hands when she is on her belly. She is really starting to reach for things that catch her eye, and sometimes I think she is finally going to roll. But she tries for it a few times and then says, “Oh well…” On the other hand, she is a pro at sitting on her own. She still topples backwards from time-to-time, but needs less and less help each day.

She loves kicking and feeling things with her feet. She has really started noticing her feet/toes in the last couple of weeks and loves having her socks off. Her hands are constantly reaching and grabbing and banging. She still does her happy dance during a diaper change or before bath time, but now she also does it in her high chair. I’ll have to get it on video. Imagine a penguin strapped in a high chair waddling back and forth… that’s about what it looks like. 🙂 Cracks us up every time.

Life with Laney just gets better and better… 🙂 Here are some pics from this morning (luckily I had Mimi here to help me this month, but she still managed to start eating her onesie sticker):

Have a great day! We’ll be sharing her formal six month pictures soon!

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