4.12.13 – 7 Months Old

12 Apr

Our sweet baby girl is 7 months old today! Quite a bit has changed in the last month. Playtime is getting more fun by the day!

When we went to the doctor at 6 1/2 months, she weighed 20 lbs 4 oz (97%); her length was 26 1/4″ (60%); and her head size was 17.5″ (90%). She is quickly growing out of her 6-9 months clothes and fits in a lot of her 9-12 month clothes already (depending on the brand). She has a third tooth now – surprisingly on the bottom again. Her hair is growing like crazy and likes to stick straight up in the back. Looks like she has Daddy’s hair so far.

She is starting to really reach and lean for toys which causes her to tumble over from her sitting position. At first, this would result in crying, but now she has learned to get on her belly and roll herself onto her back. She has started to wiggle and move her legs while on her belly but no scooting yet.

She has figured out how to drink water out of her sippy cup by herself, which she loves. Probably loves it a little too much, because she gets going a little too fast and water ends up all over her bib. We’ve started giving her puffs in small pieces and she seems to like “chewing” them, but hasn’t figured out how to feed them to herself yet (probably because I break them up into too small of pieces for her to grab). She still isn’t a fan of any fruits yet but is starting to enjoy her peach yogurt and still loves her veggies. We are up to three meals a day this week, and it is going pretty well.

Laney still loves her stacking cups and anything with a tag. She also really likes opening and closing her picnic basket and playing with her animal puzzle. She is still great at entertaining herself but loves having company. She still loves songs with hand motions and when we play “I’m gonna get you…” She is fascinated by bubbles. She has started babbling (ma-ma, ba-ba, ra-ra, dada), which is the cutest. Sometimes she moves her mouth like she is babbling with no sound, which cracks us up.

We’ve recently experienced a little separation anxiety. Laney decided she was scared to be in her front-facing stroller when she can’t see us, and she has started crying when we leave her for naps and bedtime. We’ve started giving her a little security blanket, which seems to be helping. Loud noises still really startle her – probably the result of being in a quiet house with Mom all day. We also discovered she is not a fan of the pack n play when we travel, so we are going to have to start practicing sleeping in that.

Laney is still a very happy, content baby. I can’t say enough how much joy she brings us. It is so amazing how much she learns and changes each day. She wants to get into everything, so I’m good with her staying put just a little while longer. 🙂 But interacting with her is so much fun!

Here are some pics:

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