4.28.13 – Weekend Wrap-up

28 Apr

We spent most of this weekend in Indiana visiting family and friends. Spending time with them always makes my heart happy. 🙂

First, we tried to catch some of Jacob’s soccer game. Unfortunately, we only got to see the very end due to some untimely traffic on the interstate. Kyle and I felt like we were on a NASCAR warm-up lap following the policeman who was acting as a pace car for about 20 miles at 30 mph. We were finally allowed to pass the oversized-load semi after some impatient remarks on my part. 😉

The game was followed by lunch, birthday cake, and hanging at my brother’s house. Proud to say I was on the winning team in Euchre for both games. Probably debatable whether that is luck or skill on my part. The boys enjoyed an exciting Bulls victory. And best of all Laney slept like a champ in her pack-n-play! Not sure if it was the practicing, mattress, room-darkening curtains, or all of the above… but we will have further testing during our busy travel schedule the next few weeks.

Today, we enjoyed getting sucked into too many home improvement shows on HGTV while it was rainy outside. And I got to visit with my two besties and their adorable little ones. My initial idea of putting the little ones by a window for more light didn’t produce the best pictures. Getting them all to look at the same time proved impossible let alone getting them to turn at an angle to prevent shadows on their faces. Then someone had the brilliant idea to take the pictures through the window, which produced a couple of keepers. Better luck and planning on my part next time…but you get the idea of how adorable these four are. So excited to watch them grow up together!

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend! I’m excited for all of the fun in store for us during this busy month of May. Thank you, Ryan and Kyla for hosting us! Love you all!

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