5.12.13 – 8 Months Old

12 May

Not only is today Mother’s Day, but our sweet baby girl is 8 months old today! I got to use my sweet Mother’s Day present (new lens!) for some pictures of my cute little girl. More often than not we say to ourselves, “She looks different today!” Or, “I think she grew again!” And she continues to surprise us with new learnings.

Laney is quickly growing out of the summer clothes we have for her, and it’s not even warm enough to wear them yet! Her noggin hardly fits in the 12-24 months sunhat I bought for her. Her hair has continued to grow and is still straight and fluffy. She has a new tooth coming in on the top, and I think she is working on two more.

No signs of her crawling anytime soon. She keeps getting better at reaching for things and keeping her balance while sitting. She can basically touch her nose to the floor when sitting up – definitely doesn’t get her flexibility from her momma! However, when she falls onto her belly, she just rolls over to her back.

Her tastes in food have been changing. She suddenly dislikes sweet potatoes but is enjoying peaches and bananas. Her favorite is  a zucchini and squash combo. She has really gotten better at drinking out of her sippy cup. But her biggest eating achievement has been learning to feed herself puffs. She doesn’t have a high percentage of success, but we are getting there.

Laney loves to laugh, make sound effects, and babble to herself. We often catch her cracking herself up when playing or riding in the car. She makes the cutest scrunchy face and “Mmmm” sound when something amuses her. She is also ticklish – especially on her back between the shoulder blades. She has started offering her toy to whoever is sitting with her and laughs when you take a “taste” of it. She also likes to lift a toy with one hand and try to grab it with the other behind her head – working on her behind-the-back b-ball move. And you’ve all seen the happy dance, but now she does it to music or when we beatbox for her. I love seeing her little personality develop each day.

We have been traveling a lot lately, so she has kind-of gotten over the fear of sleeping in different places. She does gets a little scared around people she hasn’t seen in awhile, but as long as she can see Mom or Dad she is OK. She definitely still startles easily – a cough or sneeze, ice maker, crying kid, etc. can bring on her scared face and tears. But she loves to give big, slobbery open-mouth kisses, which we love!!

We are so excited for all of our summer fun coming up! (Cue Laney flapping her arms up and down and panting with excitement.) We love our little girl so much! I’m so lucky to be her mommy!

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