5.28.13 – Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-up

28 May

Happy Tuesday! I keep thinking it’s Monday. Hope everyone had a great three-day weekend! Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year for many reasons: pools are open… school is almost over… my birthday is near…Indy 500 festivities… cookouts… and family time. And I always love a three-day weekend! But of course, it is also a great opportunity to reflect on how good life is in the US of A and say thanks to those who have and continue to fight for our freedom. THANK YOU!

We spent the weekend with my family in Indiana. Unfortunately, the weather was not stellar, and I spent most of Memorial Day laying around wishing I felt like eating my birthday ice cream cake. (You know I’m not feeling well when I say no to DQ cake.) But it was still a great weekend! We managed to get a few moments outdoors. We took Laney for a jog, Kyle and Annie worked on their trampoline skills, and the Wagner boys and I washed and waxed some cars. I also enjoyed some time with my brothers eating some Buffalo Wild Wings and cheering on the Pacers and AGAINST the Heat. Kyle and I had fun eating with Jacob and Annie at the Mexican restaurant and asking Siri Spanish words. And of course Laney loved all of the attention she gets when she is surrounded by her extended family.

In a surprise ending, Laney had her first horse encounter when we made a gas station stop on the way home yesterday. She was very excited about this very large animal! Only in Indiana. 🙂

I am feeling much better today and am getting ready to shove off again tomorrow to drop Laney off with Mimi and spend some time with my nephew. I’m not sure who is more excited about a night at Mimi’s house – Laney or Mimi. (It’s definitely Mimi!) I am really hoping I don’t get the cold shoulder again this time when I go pick Laney up or I may never leave her again.

Some pics from the weekend:

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