6.2.13 – Birthday Fun!

2 Jun

It has been a fun-filled weekend! First, Laney and I had a little girl time Friday night while Daddy hung with the guys. Then, we celebrated my 29th birthday yesterday. I really can’t believe I am almost 30. I remember in high school thinking that 30 seemed so old. It definitely doesn’t anymore! I had a really nice day. Kyle brought me breakfast; I got to go shopping sans any “little helpers”; and we went to Mackinaw Valley Vineyard for some live music, food, and fun under the stars. Thank you to everyone who Facebooked, texted, and called me to wish me a happy day. I felt loved, and I’m ready to rock this last year as a twenty-something.

Today the birthday fun continued as we traveled to Indiana for a very special little boy’s first birthday party! As you will see in the pictures, Laney was a big fan of Hudson. I think we may be in trouble if she is chasing boys already… 😉 Mama, Courtney, did an awesome job with his golf-themed par-tee, and he was sooo cute during his cake smash. My favorite was when he started clapping and icing started flying everywhere. It was so fun to catch up with some of my sorority sisters and finally meet this adorable little man.

May has come to a close. It went by so fast – probably because Laney and I were gone more than we were home. (21 out of 31 days!) I’m looking forward to being home more this month, and if it ever stops raining, taking Laney to the pool for her first swim! I can’t believe she will be 9 months old soon! Hope everyone else had a nice weekend. We certainly did!

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