6.12.13 – 9 Months Old!

12 Jun
Month 8 flew by in the blink of an eye! Laney and I traveled a lot, which really made the time go by quickly. We finally have a few weeks at home, and summer fun is in full swing. Laney started swim lessons this week. She likes being in the water but is a little timid -especially with all of the other kids around (and some of them screaming). She’s been getting more comfortable with it each day, but she is still scared of the hand dryer in the locker room. 🙂
This month was the month of teeth! Laney now has seven teeth. All of those teeth coming in made for some rough nights of sleep, but she really handled it like a champ. Her growth seems to have slowed a little, but we go to the doctor in a couple of weeks to find out her stats. Her hair just keeps on growing though – Kyle comments on it every day. He loves it!
Laney still isn’t showing any signs of crawling, but she finally rolled from her back to her belly! She was doing it on the couch with the cushion on an incline so we tried it on the floor, and she did it. This week she did it without any prompting reaching for a toy. The problem is she rolls right back over – she really doesn’t like being on her belly! She can scoot herself around on her back. We often find her in new locations in her crib (usually in the bottom corner). She also has started to fall back on her own when she is tired of sitting, and she still loves reaching for things.
Eating solids has really improved his month! She is consistently eating more at each meal. Her favorite is still zucchini and squash by far. She has added turnips and cantaloupe to the mix (and some other things on the NO list), and she is a pro at eating her puffs by herself. She’s getting better with the sippy cup but still gets choked up from time-to-time.
Her little personality is so much fun. I love the way she tilts her head to the side in her high chair like she’s being shy. Then when I do it, she starts giggling. She still does her side-to-side “happy dance” but now she also does a head-banging dance (often with your arms in the air) which is adorable. I catch her dancing when she is playing with her musical toys, and when I start giggling she just looks up at me and smiles. When she wraps her little hands around my neck or put my face in her hands, it melts my heart. She loves to reach up and try to get the freckle off my nose or try and grab my teeth. She also likes pulling Daddy’s leg hair and the shag rug (which she then tries to eat). She also loves to put the little crab behind her left arm in the bath tub so he is trapped behind while she plays with the other toys – so funny! The way she turns around and looks back at us in the stroller makes walks/runs so much fun. She loves getting tossed in the air and going upside-down. She has started to wave a little bit, but it’s a shy wave and inconsistent. Blowing raspberries on her neck, “chasing” her, or peek-a-boo gets her giggling every time. My favorite new development is Ma-ma-ma-mom. She doesn’t know that is me yet, but it is music to my ears. Although it often comes out when she is upset or hungry. 🙂
Obviously, we think she is pretty great! But I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now… love her to pieces!

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