6.22.13 – Swimming!

22 Jun

Happy weekend! Laney and I had a busy week while Daddy was away for work. The weather was so beautiful. We finished up swim classes, started a music class, played with Mimi and Annie, and spent lots of time outside. I thought I would share some video of Laney enjoying the water. Of course she was more interested in chewing on the goggles and people watching when I had the camera rolling, but she was splashing around having a great time.

She also loves to sit on the side and use her legs to scoot herself into the water for me to catch her, which is so much fun. And of course lots of chewing on toys. And eating dinner at the pool while people watching is the best!

2013-06-18 17.27.052013-06-19 17.53.55

Unfortunately, her skin does not like the chlorine. We had to miss her last swim class because she had a major eczema breakout from her skin getting too dry from all of the swimming. We will just have to be more conscientious about getting her rinsed immediately and using lotion more often. It’s finally looking better today. Poor baby – her skin is so sensitive!

It was a very fun week, but we missed Daddy! Last night Laney and I had a little jam session waiting for his arrival:

Like most babies, this girl loves to dance! Unfortunately, she may have inherited the Wagner rhythm. 😉

Daddy is finally home, and we are looking forward to a low-key weekend and getting some stuff done around the house. We hit up the farmer’s market this morning, and Kyle is planting our new tulip tree (his Father’s Day tree) as I type this in the 80-degree, humid weather. 🙂 Guess I better go help supervise!

Have a great weekend everyone! Things sure are heating up around here!

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