7.22.13 – Weekend Wrap-up

22 Jul

We spent the last weekend in Chicago. I would describe it as a roller coaster of emotions. There was a lot of fun and laughter but there were also tears. But most importantly, there was a lot of love, hugs, and family as there should be during both times of celebration and sadness.

On Saturday, we gathered with my sister-in-law’s family and friends and said goodbye to her father.

A sorrowful Saturday was immediately followed by a joyous Sunday. We welcomed two sweet babies into their church family. Kyle and I are absolutely honored to be our nephew’s Godparents. Little RJ was baptized by the same pastor who married his parents eight years ago, and it was double the fun as his cousin Sophia (two months younger) was also baptized! They both did such a great job and looked so precious in their white outfits.

My father-in-law did some good work getting some pictures of the ceremony despite the crowd. Here they are:

Laney also got to see Nana and Papa’s dog, Macey, again this weekend. She is not helping my case for no family dog (I’m not a huge pet person). She is a bit obsessed with Macey, but as you will see in the video the feeling is not mutual. 🙂 (Sorry about the angle – you’ll have to tilt your head sideways.)

We are getting ready for our Group Trip 2013! The summer fun continues. 🙂

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