7.28.13 – Group Trip 2013

28 Jul

Last week we spent a long weekend in the Wisconsin Dells for Group Trip 2013 with some of our dearest friends. The weather was not exactly what we anticipated for the last weekend of July – it’s been rather chilly and fall-like in the Midwest – but we still had a super fun time. We stayed in one of the penthouses of the Delton Grand Resort and Spa. It was as awesome as it sounds. The view of lake was so beautiful. The condo was so spacious and really nice. We had access to indoor and outdoor pools, a grill, a fire pit, and private beaches. We sure have come a long way from eight people sleeping in a six-person tent while being attacked by raccoons four years ago (our first group trip). We can make any location fun, but not sure we will be able to top this year’s amenities.

Our first (and warmest) day we spent at the Kalahari indoor and outdoor water parks. The baby girls and adults had fun splashing around the different rides. Some of the braver ones tried the Master Blaster where the floor disappeared and you dropped straight down into the slide. (I was not one of those braver ones!) There was a lot for everyone to see and do both inside and outside.

Day two included a trip to the outlet mall and a yummy pizza lunch at Moosejaw Pizza. The weather in the afternoon ended up being gorgeous, and we spent some time by the pool/lake. We rented a jet ski and took turns taking it for a spin in the chilly water. We ended the night with some yummy S’mores by the fire pit.

Day three was rather chilly and cloudy, so we put on our warmest clothes and headed to the Timbavati Wildlife Park. The setup is a little strange as it used to be a water park, but it ended up being a lot of fun. There was a small petting exhibit at the front where Laney LOVED petting the camel. The problem was she thought she could pet all of the animals from then on. She loved all of them except for a pregnant lamb who BAAA’ed at her very loudly causing her to cry. Leslie preferred the animals at a distance and said “No, Ma’am!” when asked if she wanted to pet them. I didn’t blame her since her mom got attacked by a camel (see pics below). O enjoyed pushing her stroller and checking out the exhibits. For Laney, the animal fun continued at Sprecher’s Pub where she giggled while slapping the raven mascot on the beak. The person dressed up in the costume was kind enough to humor Laney for quite awhile – she was just cracking up!

The weekend came and went to quickly as it usually does when you are having fun. We played lots of games, indulged in a lot of yummy food and drink, and had a lot of laughs. It is so fun to play with the girls and see them interact, and we can’t wait for our newest Group Trip baby girl to arrive in October!

We are already looking forward to next year… Until then, we can relive it through pictures:

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