8.12.13 – 11 Months Old

12 Aug
I am starting to sound like a broken record, but time keeps on flying. I really can’t believe our baby girl is 11 months old. We are in full birthday-party-planning mode. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. But then I watch her and think about how much she has grown and changed – it is so amazing! She has such a fun, feisty personality, and she makes life so exciting!
She is starting to look more and more like a toddler. Some mornings I look at her and can’t believe how grown up she looks. Her hair keeps growing longer. Her bottom molars are starting to come in. She is losing her baby rolls and chunky cheeks. When she stands up, I can just picture her toddling all over the house (which I’m sure will happen sooner than I think).
She still isn’t crawling or walking, and it is really starting to frustrate her. She whines when she sees something she wants and doesn’t know how to get to it. But she is also pretty good at working to get something that is just out of reach. She gets up on one leg and both hands to get it and can get back to sitting. Or she scoots on her bottom. Or pulls her play mat to get the object closer to her. We do our best to try and show her the crawling and walking movements, but she is stubborn. I know she will do it when she is ready, but we just want so badly to help her get there. She is really getting better at standing and has started pulling herself up onto things when she is sitting on our laps. She is kind-of like her momma in that way – a little fearful of new things.
Feeding time is always interesting. Some days are more challenging than others. She is definitely picky about textures. She still eats all of her old favorite flavors of baby food, but she has definite opinions of new table foods. She will consistently eat: eggs, avocado, string cheese, bread, puffs, yogurt bites, and Cheerios. Sometimes she will eat bananas and pasta. Everything else gets one taste, a few chews, and comes right back out. Sometimes I think she just doesn’t think she can get it chewed enough to swallow. Other times you can tell she doesn’t like the taste. At least she is willing to try anything, and we will keep having her try things in hopes she will eat them when she is ready. She also loves throwing food she doesn’t want on the floor, and she finds it pretty humorous when I am bent down cleaning it up after meal time. 😉
I love that she loves music. Her little dance moves always put a smile on my face. She has the side-to-side sway and the front-to-back rock, and she gets the cutest little expression on her face. We will be out or at home listening to music and she will start grooving when she hears a song that she likes. It’s like she is saying, “That’s my jam!” She does have a particular taste in music – not every song gets her grooving. Her favorite song right now is B-I-N-G-O. She claps along and really can’t get enough of it.
She also LOVES animals. She had her first zoo experience, and she couldn’t get enough of the petting a camel. She was mad she couldn’t pet all of the animals. She loves our family members’ dogs. She gets mad when they won’t come over to her. I’m not sure why they don’t like to be around her? It’s not like she pulls their hair/fur or anything. 😉 She even loved a big stuffed animal dog at Target the other day. She loves to give her stuffed animals hugs and kisses too.
She is even more interactive now too. She loves “communicating” with us through sounds and silly faces. She loves when we imitate what she is doing. She has her own little song to life that goes – “mm ah, mm ah, mm ah,” and she smiles when we sing along. We can ask her, “Where’s your head?” and she puts her hands on her head (when she’s in the mood – see pics). She can do the same for her belly and tongue (she sticks her tongue out). She likes to play with her brush, and when you tell her, “Brush your hair” she attempts to brush it with a big smile on her face. She also likes to pretend to feed us some of the food on her tray and then eats it herself. She also gives “hi-fives” and real kisses now.
She is our smart, funny, beautiful, sweet, knows-what-she-wants little girl. And we can’t wait to celebrate a year of having her in our life next month.
Here are some pics of her:

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