9.9.13 – Happy Monday!

9 Sep

It’s birthday week! So hard to believe. Have to get working on some birthday prep, but just wanted to share some Neon Vibe race photos.


2013-09-07 20.38.12 2013-09-07 20.38.31



2013-09-07 21.15.40 2013-09-07 21.15.27 2013-09-07 21.15.16


Best part of the night… When we were waiting at the start line, a random boy threw some of the colored powder on Tracy and said, “You just got served!” Probably wasn’t the best idea to eat Italian Beef and ice cream at the Spotted Cow before running in 90 degree weather, but we had fun. Although Leslie wasn’t a fan of the paint – she kept saying “I don’t like it!”

On a different note, our little almost one-year likes to feed herself now:

2013-09-08 05.58.44-2


She likes to dip her opposite finger in the spoon before it goes in the mouth, but she is pretty good at getting most of the food in there.

Have a great week everyone!

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