9.22.13 – Happy Fall, y’all!

22 Sep

The weather was amazing. We had no specific plans. And that made for a pretty perfect weekend!
We got some stuff done around the house, enjoyed some laughs over fro-yo with friends, had some family photos taken on a picture perfect evening, and did lots and lots of this:

Whether she is army crawling on her belly, scooting in circles on her bottom, or “walking” with a little help, our little girl wants to be on the move lately. And even though she looks like a drunken, peg-legged pirate, we are thinking it won’t be long now! 🙂 I can’t wait to run around with her and eat jump in some leaves.

Speaking of eating leaves, our family photo session went really well, and I can’t wait to see the photos. Laney hated her second cake smash as much as the first. She liked eating leaves and mulch but not cake…go figure! Bright side: Kyle and I now have a tasty cake to eat! It was the only time she cried the whole session. I don’t blame her. Cake is the least tasty dessert in my opinion!

As always, the weekend went by way too quickly. Time to cheer on da bears and hit the sack. Happy fall!

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