11.8.13 – A friDay in the Life of Laney

8 Nov

Oh what a week it has been! Take a little Daylight Savings Time… add in the first week back from vacation, a daddy who is working long hours, and a couple of fang teeth coming in…and you have a recipe for FUN a disaster.

So we I decided to spice up our Friday a bit and document a typical day in our lives. It’s been quite a while since my last post, and things have certainly changed in our schedule! No fancy camera pictures here today – I just couldn’t muster up the energy. But nevertheless, here we go:

4:57 AM – I hear Delaney crying. This has been the wake-up time all week despite my efforts to change it. I rush to her room to rock her back to sleep in a desperate effort to break the early cycle. I spend the next 40 minutes with this view (but dark):

2013-11-08 05.12.00

5:40 AM – I feel a finger poke up my nose and a giggle. I just love her – even this early in the morning. She has decided she is done sleeping, so we flip on the light and change her diaper.

2013-11-08 05.43.00

Breakfast! A little yogurt and eggs this morning.

2013-11-08 05.56.12

6:20 AM – Daddy is home from his workout!

2013-11-08 06.25.20

Delaney the tornado then takes to the living room for a little morning playtime while I try to sneak away to get things cleaned up.

2013-11-08 07.03.36 2013-11-08 07.02.58

7:30 AM – We get dressed and brush our teeth.

2013-11-08 07.35.56

I see this view most of the day.

2013-11-08 08.06.24

Or this view.

2013-11-08 08.06.08

A little supervised cabinet destruction…

2013-11-08 08.13.42 2013-11-08 08.15.082013-11-08 08.14.43

8:45 AM – One of my former students, Lane, comes over once a week to watch Delaney so I can get my last workout of the week in (the rest of the week Kyle and I trade off mornings).

2013-11-08 08.55.13

10:20 – I arrive home to these two coming up from the basement. Lane is such a blessing to us, and I’m going to be really sad when she starts student teaching next semester. 😦

2013-11-08 10.22.23

Lunch time (it comes early like everything else this week). No picture, because I was too busy chatting with Lane. 🙂

11:15 AM – We made a quick store run. My third trip to the store this week, because I keep forgetting stuff. I even had lists every time, but the list either gets chewed on, lost, or most likely I forgot to check it again before we checked out because my little helper is READY TO GO. Oh well… Laney likes to see all of her peeps at Meijer.

11:50 AM Suddenly it got quiet in the back seat on the way home…

2013-11-08 11.50.53

Most days she takes a morning nap – especially when she gets up at 5:00. But the last two days she took a morning nap and refused an afternoon nap, so we tried something different today. She was OUT COLD.

So I spend a couple hours either cleaning up the house to a cleanliness level somewhere between “I can tolerate this” and “ideal”; showering; watching a show; editing pictures; writing a blog post; doing laundry; paying bills; or some combination there-of.

2:15 – I hear someone. 🙂

2013-11-08 14.18.32

We have a snack.

2013-11-08 14.23.44

Do some laundry.

2013-11-08 14.58.54

We try playing with some play-dough. She wasn’t a fan of touching it, but she liked playing with the containers.

2013-11-08 15.21.132013-11-08 15.21.14 2013-11-08 15.23.09 2013-11-08 15.23.052013-11-08 16.03.13

4:00 PM – She goes to the front and garage door multiple times a day wanting to go outside. By this time of day, we get a little stir-crazy, and I give in (even though it’s another cold and windy day).

2013-11-08 16.31.06

4:30 PM – Dinner time!

2013-11-08 16.48.15 2013-11-08 16.49.37 2013-11-08 16.53.25

5:30 – It was Parents Night Out at church, so we took advantage. It was her first experience, and she loved every minute. New toys and tons of older kids wanting to play with her – what’s not to love?

2013-11-08 17.36.14 2013-11-08 17.41.05

7:30 PM – Late bedtime. Snug as a Bug – in camouflage.

2013-11-08 20.25.10

9:00 PM – bedtime for Mommy and Daddy. Not kidding…

Night-night, everyone!

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