12.3.13 – It’s beginning to look a lot like…

3 Dec

Christmas!! I am a celebrate-one-holiday-at-a-time kinda gal. As soon as Black Friday arrived, I went into full Christmas mode. On Sunday, we put up the tree during Laney’s nap. She was so surprised when she woke up!

We also got out her Little People nativity set given to us from a dear friend back in PA. She immediately figured out how to play the song and started swaying to “Away in a Manger.”

2013-12-01 17.15.28 2013-12-01 17.15.20

We also tried to let her help decorate the tree, but taking the ornaments off is more fun than putting them on!

2013-12-01 17.20.11 2013-12-01 17.20.13 2013-12-01 17.20.19

Here is the final product:

I don’t go too crazy decorating the whole house. I don’t have enough decorations or energy. 🙂 But our main living area feels very festive and cozy. Our mantel needed some updating this year, so you will find most of those decorations at your neighborhood Target. Shopping at one store is all my little helper can handle at a time. 🙂 And who doesn’t love Target? The burlap banner I made for a photo shoot. Our other decorations are from IKEA and Crate and Barrel last year. The stockings were made by my Grandma. 🙂

Laney was being too cute when I was taking pictures of the decorations…

2013-12-02 15.00.18

Side note: we tried a new hairstyle this morning…

2013-12-03 08.00.32

My second attempt at pigtails was a bit better than this. That hair is outta control! 🙂

Happy December, everyone! 🙂

One Response to “12.3.13 – It’s beginning to look a lot like…”

  1. Emily December 6, 2013 at 11:16 am #

    Love the video! Also digging the new hairstyle! 🙂 Now RJ can try to eat two ponytails!

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