12.12.13 – 15 Months!

12 Dec

Age: 15 Months

Stats: We go to the doctor next week, but it seems like she has grown a lot lately.

Clothes: Mostly 24 months, but still 18 months in some brands.

Favorite foods: Not much change here. Eggs, cheese, peaches, mac ‘n cheese, ham, yogurt, bananas, blueberries, nutella!, and goldfish are the favorites. We seem to be at a stand still for liking new foods, but she is still willing to at least try anything. She did like turkey, corn casserole and stuffing at Thanksgiving. And the guy at the deli gave her a slice of salami that she went to town on the other day (see above).

2013-12-09 07.24.54 2013-12-06 07.02.11 2013-12-06 06.59.44 2013-12-06 06.58.28

Favorite words: Many of the same favorites from last month with a few new ones: uh-oh spaghettio’s, no-no, mine, milk (mi), oh man, car, cheese, truck, down, out, up, brrr…it’s chilly, ball (ba), hi, bye-bye, all-done, woof-woof, choo-choo, Ma-ma, Dada, Mimi.

Favorite activities: Peek-a-boo, eating snacks, feeding herself with a spoon/fork, walking holding our hands, bird watching, pointing out when a truck, car, train, or airplane go by, bath time, throwing/kicking balls, dancing, reading books, sitting on the bear chair, computer chair, or rocking chair solo, shaking things, playing pianos, opening/closing things, taking stuff out and putting it back in containers, pushing the TV power button, taking ornaments off the Christmas tree, playing with magnets, and playing with animals – real and fake.

2013-11-27 16.19.17 2013-11-27 17.28.39 2013-12-09 15.12.29

Least favorite activities: Diaper changes, getting dressed/undressed, and anything that involves sitting still. And playing or walking by herself.

Signature moves: Hiding her face or milk cup and saying “nee” wanting you to play peek-a-boo. Begging for a bite of whatever we are eating. Signing for bird and flapping her hands whenever she sees a bird out the window or the bird picture in our dining room. Shaking her booty to music. Pretending to jump. Laying down and rolling around on the floor whenever she is tired or doesn’t want to do something you are asking her to do. Standing up in her crib. Asking to go outside every day. Twisting and squirming out of her diaper changes. Splashing water on us in the bathtub. Sticking both arms straight in the air when she wants to walk. Diving out of our arms when she wants down. Mostly walking around continuously with a death grip on one hand.

Mom’s favorite moment: Taking her to the gymnastics open gym and seeing how much she loved being around the other kids. She laid down on the trampoline and giggled as the kids bounced her around.

2013-11-25 11.34.43

Dad’s favorite moment: He was listening to the Bears game on the radio when Gould kicked a field goal for the win (because DirecTV was out). He said, “It’s Good” with his arms in the air, and Laney copied him. 🙂

2013-11-17 17.20.05

Also, he also loved watching her spend time with her great-grandparents over Thanksgiving.

2013-11-28 08.24.35 2013-11-28 17.43.20

And he is excited how much she loves ice cream now.

2013-12-08 11.19.47 2013-12-08 11.19.44 2013-12-07 18.17.25 2013-12-07 18.16.27 2013-12-06 16.00.30

We are all so excited for Christmas!! 🙂 Now I need to go do some shopping… 🙂

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