1.2.14 – Happy New Year!

2 Jan

Happy 2014! We had a great New Year’s Day yesterday. After my chilly photo shoot, we headed to a family dinner at Flat Top. Laney was hamming it up with the large parties around us, and saying, “Mmmm…nom, nom” to everything she ate.

Here is a little photo recap of our evening:

2014-01-01 22.03.21

In the photos, you will see Laney and I having fun at dinner. Back at the house, Laney learned how to take selfies (of her foot) all on her own. I was rather impressed wit her composition. 😉 And I started teaching her the importance of accessorizing. You never know what will entertain her, and she probably put my necklace on and took it back off 50 times before she struck some poses laying on the floor.

I don’t get overly excited about formal new year’s resolutions (unlike my partner-in-crime who couldn’t wait to make his yearly lengthy list of them!), but there is one project I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. I read a lot of blogs on a variety of topics (photography being one of them) and have always been intrigued by photo challenges. Many photographers have stated how much they grew from a 365 project, so I decided to go for it. Who better to be my subject than my sweet little girl? I’m always working hard to document her small and big life moments anyway. Follow me on Instagram (@jamiepott, #365daysoflaney) if you want to follow along and encourage me along the way. I have a pretty cool project planned with the pics if I finish my goal, which will hopefully be my motivation on the tough days.

I’m not going to lie… I almost forgot the first day… Kyle (the king of resolutions) had to remind me. Hence the poor lighting in my first pic (right before bedtime)… so not off to a great start there! 🙂

2014-01-01 19.15.19

Cheers to 2014, my friends! We wish you lots of health, love, and FUN!

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