1.5.14 – Weekend Recap

5 Jan

We had a pretty fun and relaxing weekend here at the Pott house. A little winter weather couldn’t keep us from enjoying the last few days of Daddy’s vacation.

We did some snuggling and laying around the house…

2014-01-02 09.08.58

We headed to the Children’s Museum…

2014-01-04 07.33.12


We ate lots of “nanas” and played some peek-a-boo…

2014-01-04 08.42.30 2014-01-04 09.36.19 2014-01-04 09.36.22

Did a little shopping before the storm hit…

2014-01-04 12.00.20


Found some creative ways to entertain ourselves during the snow storm…including playing with dry noodles and our sippy cups.

2014-01-05 08.48.40 2014-01-05 08.52.22 2014-01-05 08.52.18 2014-01-05 08.50.55


And played our favorite game… “chase Laney” – love hearing her giggle.

2014-01-05 09.09.17

Now we are now doing our best to stay warm despite the arctic-like conditions outside. Hope you all are staying safe and warm too! Back to reality this week… 🙂


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