1.6.13 – Excitement during Hibernation

6 Jan

I considered opening with a “Brrr…it’s cold in here,” but “Brrr” doesn’t really cover it. Bless my husband who went out to shovel and said, “It’s not really cold; it’s just windy,” and then came in with bright red cheeks and a frozen scarf.

While I have read mixed reviews on the hibernation required the last couple of days, I love snow days! Maybe it’s residual excitement from my teaching days…maybe it’s the fact we have been able to enjoy Daddy being home an extra day and half… or maybe it’s the fact I haven’t had to change out of my yoga pants in 2 days (don’t worry – I did at least shower). Some of you may have been experiencing cabin fever, but we had a pretty exciting day!

The day didn’t start off too well with a heater acting a bit sketchy (aka not working) and a crabby baby girl, but everyone pulled themselves together in the end. We decided to go old school and break out some emergency toys, like the recorder:

2014-01-06 07.36.54

And the trolls (my husband’s collection; not mine 🙂 )

2014-01-06 08.17.58

And we made some cookies with play-do:

2014-01-06 10.35.43

But that’s not even the exciting part! First, Laney just decided to crawl like a “normal” kid today. Those of you who don’t see her on a regular basis, she usually does the army crawl or booty scoot.

BUT THEN! We were hanging out in Laney’s room, and she was sitting on my lap. She proceeded to get up and walk over unassisted to her closet door like it was no big deal. She just really wanted the box of chalk in her closet! Mid-walk Kyle and I looked at each other like we couldn’t believe what we were witnessing. I yelled at him to take video with the phone that was in his lap, and he proceeded to tell me that his storage is at capacity. (WHAT!?) So we have a staged video to show you, but she has been walking unprompted on her own throughout the day!

But first a false start that ends in a booty dance.

And now the real (staged) deal:

Getting so close! :):) Looks like we will have more time to practice tomorrow with the temps not getting any warmer in the morning. Stay warm, friends!

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