1.12.14 – 16 Months!

12 Jan

Well month 15 sure went by in a flash with the holidays and all. If you had asked me the first week of January if Delaney would be walking by 16 months, I would have said no way! But our little girl sure has done a lot of growing and changing in the week leading up to her 16 month birthday.

Age: 16 Months

Stats: 30.5 in (46th); 23 lb 12 oz (81st); 18.5 in head (82nd)

Clothes: Starting to outgrow her 18 month clothes; mostly 24 months

Favorite foods: She has really been a great eater lately (fingers crossed that sticks around)! Cheese, avocado, blueberries, mac ‘n cheese, yogurt, bananas (nanas), and graham crackers are the current favorites. We added cottage cheese, steak, fish, sweet potatoes (again), and spinach to the mix this month. She’s been mostly eating our meal for dinner lately, which is awesome!

Favorite words: “ucky-ucky-ucky” when something is yucky. Hiiii (said hieee) whenever she sees someone or is talking on the phone. Stinky when she has a dirty diaper. Apple and “nana” for banana. Bum, bum, bum, bum (said to the tune of the NFL football jingle) when Daddy says it first. Uh-oh, oh man, all done, car, light, ball, bye-bye, cheese, up/down, woof-woof, choo-choo, Mama, and Dada are still the favorites. She is starting to echo us quite a bit.

Favorite activities: Walking! (still often holding our hand, but she is getting more independent); being chased around the house; walking playing our choo-choo stop/go game; playing “timber” and “horsey”; eating snacks; drinking out of a straw; using utensils to feed herself; rolling around on the floor with her stuffed animals; playing with her Little People farm; reading books; watching Sprout music videos on the iPad (especially the Wiggles/Laurie Berkner); run and jump on her bear chair; or “jumping” (her feet don’t leave the ground); dancing while listening to music; playing with her kitchen and tea set; still loves birds, cars, and trains

Least favorite activities: getting dressed/undressed; getting her hair done; diaper changes

Signature moves: Saying “nee” when she wants something or you to do something. Rolling around saying “stinky” over and over when she has a dirty diaper. Snorting when she is laughing hard. Putting her head down when we shush her when she is whining in her high chair (Kyle calls it the power down). Walking independently with her arms in the air (Uncle Ryan called her Frankenlaney). Touching parts of our face wanting us to name them and then pointing to her own. Stomping her feet. “Winking” (closing both eyes really hard). Walking around in circles as fast as she can. Saying bye-bye to people on FaceTime when she doesn’t want to talk. Dancing to the videos she watches on the iPad. Getting really excited to see/hear birds, cars, trains, airplanes, etc. Wiggling back and forth in her car seat when she is excited or dancing. Clapping her hands together when she wants to pray during a meal (we usually say several prayers during a meal now).

Mom’s favorite moment: Seeing her walk unprompted and independently. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I teared up. Also, seeing her try our dinners and love them!

Dad’s favorite moment: Seeing her longest independent walk in the basement. And playing basketball in the bath tub.

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