1.21.14 – Update in pictures

21 Jan

We have had a busy start to the year. One unforeseen bonus of my 365 project is I take even more pictures to get a good one to post. 😉 So here are our latest happenings in pictures:

We’ve done a lot of playing inside – both at home and at places like gymnastics open gym or story hour at the toy store:

One good thing about living in a new subdivision is the trucks provide a lot of entertainment and vocabulary building…

2014-01-15 13.04.40 2014-01-15 16.26.36 2014-01-15 16.26.44


Laney’s friend Leslie taught her the importance of feeding your baby doll. And now we love our bay-bee!

2014-01-15 16.36.35


We had lots of fun with Mimi and Annie during their visit last weekend.

Another favorite pastime is walking to her bear chair to do a face plant into it.

2014-01-20 09.43.31

And now we are recovering from a nasty little cold. Her latest obsession is practicing learning body parts…she likes to point to our faces and then hers while we say them.

2014-01-21 08.50.20


Hope everyone is staying warm and having a great week!

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