1.31.14 – 365 Project Update

31 Jan

Happy Friday end of January! It doesn’t look like winter is going anywhere soon with the snow falling outside and the forecasted snow storm tonight. But hopefully a few photos of my sweet little girl will brighten your day. 🙂

I started my 365 project to challenge myself and to document our daily lives. Delaney is growing and changing so quickly, and I know these little daily moments won’t be so little when she is bigger. After my first month, I am starting to find my groove with it. I have tried to challenge myself to use my iPhone for all of them, and I did for all but one this month. Here’s what I’ve learned:


1. The iPhone is convenient – especially with a toddler; it’s nice not to take my nice camera everywhere.

2. Easy to capture those fleeting moments and not have to worry too much about the settings on my big camera.

3. Editing/posting to Instagram is a breeze – especially with the square photo function on the iPhone camera.

4. I am really seeing that challenging myself to be creative and unique each day will help my photography.

Some challenges:

1. I don’t know if it is just my phone or all iPhones, but the shutter is so slow. I get a lot of blurry pics with a toddler on the move.

2. Lighting – unless she is in ideal lighting, getting a quality pic is a challenge. And she isn’t always doing her cutest things in ideal lighting.

3. Taking my phone everywhere with me. Sometimes I feel distracted by getting a great pic of the day rather than enjoying the moment with Laney.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to use my nice camera next month or not. Thinking I may alternate months…or just use whichever is convenient that day. I have found getting a picture in the morning that I could use and waiting to post has helped ease my stress. That way if I get one later great, but I also have a back-up so I’m not thinking about it all day.

Putting together the first month of pictures the way that I will at the end of the year has given me the boost to continue:

January 2014

And now for some that didn’t make the cut…

Shopping with Momma, hanging with Dada after work, and Mrs. Potato Head wearing Laney’s shoes.

Making it snow with a box of tissues and having fun after church.

And fun at home and at her activities this week (story time and swim class).

And a couple videos (why not?). I love seeing my two loves have fun together!

Daddy always gets a second workout in when he gets home:

Swim class:

OK, that’s it! We are hoping our little girl feels better for all of the festivities we have planned this weekend. (Go Peyton Manning!) I better get some things done before she wakes up. Stay warm, friends!

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