2.12.14 – 17 Months!

12 Feb

I remembered to wish my parents a happy anniversary today, but I almost forgot that some little girl is 17 months today!

Age: 17 Months

Stats: We got to the doc next month, but when we were there for a sick visit a couple weeks ago she still weighed 23 lbs.

Clothes: Mostly 24 months

Favorite foods: The good eating stuck around this month. Same favorites as last month: Avocado, blueberries, mac ‘n cheese, yogurt, bananas (nanas), ham, and graham crackers (crack-ahs). Getting harder to get her to eat her veggies, but she will still at least try anything.

2014-02-11 11.35.00

Favorite words: Hiiii (said hieee) and often “hi laney” – probably because she hears that so much. “Ucky” when she finds something on the floor or walks by the bathroom. Ba-ba (bottom) when getting her diaper changed. Kick-kick when she’s kicking her feet. Baa for sheep and moo for cow. Ticky-ticky for tickle. And “Achee, Achee, DOWN!” when we are singing “Ring-Around-the-Rosey.” Bubbles, whoa, and wow. And some repeat favs: up/down, car, uh-oh, oh man/oh no, choo-choo, woof-woof, ball/balloon (ba); night-night, bye-bye, cheese, crack-ah, apple, nana (banana), stinky, sticky, dada, and I am now ma-meee most of the time. Plus lots of alien-like jabber that sounds like it means something.

Favorite activities: Climbing/sitting/standing/playing on the stairs (all day everyday); throwing things in the garbage; walking (becoming more independent each week); being chased around the house; music class (she is such a ham there!); pointing to body parts (eyes, nose, belly, etc); dumping things out; getting into cabinets; playing with her kitchen/farm; throwing balls; swim class; watching out the window for trucks/cars/birds/airplanes/trains (I think she is ready for spring!); and snuggling her stuffed animals.

Least favorite activities: anything involving being still but most recently putting her coat on!

2014-02-03 09.43.25

Signature moves: Sitting on the bottom step and either kicking her feet or laying her head back like she is lying on the stairs. Finding things on the floor and wanting to throw them away. Pounding on the bathroom door or opening the bathroom door so she can join you while you are using the restroom (she really enjoys the toilet flushing). Dancing, clapping, or swaying to music and she has started “singing.” Putting both hands out with her palms up when she wants a hug. Puckering her lips and saying “mmmm” when she wants a kiss. (She gives lots of hugs and kisses even to new friends.) Biting a toy or throwing things when she is frustrated. Crawling away giggling when it’s time for bed, getting dressed, etc. Handing you her plate and saying “all done” when she is done eating. Stealing Mommy’s water thermos because the water tastes that much better in it. Saying “uh-oh” after she chucks things like her snacks on the floor (usually on purpose).

2014-02-07 11.53.592014-02-04 08.09.00

Mom’s favorite moment: Watching her just get up and walk around with the other little ones on Super Bowl Sunday (I couldn’t believe it!). I still get surprised to see her come walking around the corner sometimes, but it’s becoming more of the norm each day. Also, seeing her love on her daddy. She used to cry when he would come to hug her after work. She would get over it pretty quickly, but now when he walks in, she giggles and gives him big hugs. Makes my heart happy. 🙂

2014-02-02 16.01.38

Please note the lack of cooperation for a photo with mom. 🙂

Dad’s favorite moment: Seeing her walking and climbing the stairs. Hearing her vocabulary expanding. And cheering on the USA while watching the Olympics. She claps and says, “Go! Go! Go!”

2014-02-02 10.50.342014-02-05 09.28.08

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