3.12.14 – 18 Months!

12 Mar

It’s hard to believe we are already half-way to 2 years old. Here’s a little update on our 18 month old. We were so happy to see Daddy when he returned yesterday. It was fun to be able to meet him outside (hopefully this snow melts soon!).

Age: 18 Months

Stats: 25.4 lbs (81.62%), 32″ (57.99%), 18 3/4″ head

Clothes: 24 months

Favorite foods: This girl still likes to eat except when she is sick, which happened a couple of times this month. Favorites this month: avocado, mac ‘n cheese, yogurt, bananas (nanas), pancakes, pizza, cereal bars, and anything sweet. But I think she would drink milk as a meal replacement if I let her.

2014-03-08 11.18.322014-03-12 11.08.44 2014-03-12 11.07.13

Favorite words: Hi (insert name here) or just Hi! often with a quick, little wave. Bye-bye (insert name here – usually Da-da). Uh-oh! Oh man! Whoa! and All Done! are said MANY times a day. New words: WEEEE! or Wee! Wee! Wee! Yum! and Vroom! Vroom! Balloon said correctly. Broccoli and blueberry. Mom! (yelled like a teenager thanks to Annie’s example; even if I’m sitting right next to Laney) Grandpa, Annie, Jacob, Ryan, and Kyla often listed in a row along with Mama and Dada (we spent a week with my family). She is also starting to label and echo us a lot more.

Favorite activities: Chasing and being chased or peek-a-boo around the house; pointing to body parts (eyes, nose, belly, etc); spinning around and walking backwards (with assistance); clapping/kicking/dancing; pouring or scooping items like rocks or dry noodles; opening/closing doors; playing in/with water; throwing/kicking balls; snuggling her stuffed animals; and BEING OUTSIDE (come on already, spring!).

2014-03-07 12.21.29 2014-03-06 19.30.19-2

Least favorite activities: coming inside, getting dressed, or not getting her way.

Signature moves: Saying “Ra-ah-ah” when she wants to hear Katy Perry’s “Roar” on my phone. Saying “beep beep!” whenever she hears a horn “woof! woof!” when she sees a dog or “tick tock!” many times when there is a clock in the room. Biting or slapping when she is mad/frustrated (mostly herself, the table, or her toy – let’s hope it stays that way!) Crawling away giggling when it’s time for bed, getting dressed, etc. Whining and pointing when she wants something. Standing at doors or windows begging to go outside. Standing on her tip-toes reaching to open doors (she was successful once so far). Climbing to get on furniture or chairs. Stopping whatever she is doing, looking out the window when she hears something outside and looking at me to label it (airplane, train, construction truck).

Mom’s favorite moment: Spending a week with my family while Kyle was on a business trip. And getting to spend a little time outside.

2014-03-03 17.32.052014-03-12 10.00.43

Dad’s favorite moment: Our weekend in Chicago with family and friends. Seeing her yesterday after missing her for a week. And finally a couple of warmer days.

2014-03-12 09.44.002014-03-12 11.57.56

Here are some portraits I took of her last week (do not use without permission of JLP Photography):


Lastly, I rocked my baby girl to sleep for her nap today. As cliche as it sounds, time does keep going faster, and I am realizing how quickly she is growing up. Well… and because her nails really needed clipped, and clipping her nails while she is awake is as painful as getting teeth pulled without meds…for me…for her it’s a fun game of “keep away.” 😉

2014-03-12 12.05.05

She brings us so much joy!

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