4.12.14 – 19 Months!

12 Apr

Another month has flown by. We spent a fun week in Florida with most of my side of the family and are just getting home today. Our little girl is feisty and ornery as can be, but she is also so much fun! She becomes more brave and independent each day. Although I now spend my days chasing after her rather than walking along side her, I really am glad to see her exploring on her own. She is definitely testing limits and our patience at times, but her silly little personality keeps us laughing. Her smile and giggle bring us so much joy, and I love seeing her develop into a little person.

Clothes: 24 Months (some 2T); size 5 in most shoes

Favorite foods: Cheese, mac and cheese, and milk. I’m considering buying a cow to make my own dairy products. She also generally likes cooked carrots, fruit cups, avocado, eggs, yogurt, and anything sweet. But it really depends on the day. We are seeing more typical toddler eating tendencies lately – especially only eating one meal a day and only wanting snack foods.
2014-04-01 07.15.25
Favorite words: Her vocabulary has really taken off in the last couple of weeks. Rock (ock – either the inanimate object or the action), cheese, milk or more (both “mi”), star, moon, baby, ball, bubble, beep beep! (especially when I ask her to move or any time she hears a car horn), and car. Uh oh!, Oh man!, and Whoa! are still the phrases said most often.
Favorite activities: Being on the move, playing with rocks or water, being chased (either as a game or to avoid a diaper change), hide-and-seek, pointing and naming body parts, throwing or kicking balls, blowing bubbles, dancing, ring-around-the-rosey, snuggling with her blanket and giraffe, singing songs with hand motions, reading books, being around other people – especially kids, and watching Barney. Oh and testing limits. 🙂
2014-04-04 07.57.54 2014-04-01 10.43.14 2014-03-30 18.35.40
Least favorite activities: sitting in her high chair to eat, getting her diaper changed, and being held in public places. (Hard to believe just a few months ago this girl refused to walk independently!)
2014-04-04 08.39.35
Signature moves: Diving out of your arms when she wants to walk and saying “alk.” Listing family members’ names with either “hi” or “bye.” (Mimi taught her to say “night moon” and “night stars” on the beach last week – which she now says even in the daytime when we are outside.) Slapping or throwing objects when she is frustrated or wanting attention. Leaning forward to do her power walk when she is holding our hands. Saying “Whoa!” when she almost falls or when we hit a bump in the car (or when daddy makes a crazy turn!). Saying “CHEESE!” and smiling for photos. Reaching and pointing where the snacks are kept even if she just ate. Running away giggling when you want her to do something she doesn’t want to do (diaper change, get dressed, go to bed, etc.) Singing along to songs – today she was singing “E-I-E-I-O” to “Old MacDonald.” Going to her room to play to get a blanket and giraffe snuggle (we don’t allow them out of her room unless we are traveling). She also has the cutest little shimmy dance move now.
Mom’s favorite moment: Our week at the beach. It was really nice to get away and spend so much time outside. She didn’t love the beach like I’d hoped and was a little sick, but we still had a lot of fun! I also love seeing her become braver and more independent – even if it means she is getting into stuff more.
2014-04-11 18.11.47
Dad’s favorite moment: our family walks on the beach in Florida.

2014-04-07 19.37.10

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