5.1.14 – Happy May Day!

1 May

You wouldn’t know it from the weather outside today, but May is here! We have a lot of events to look forward to this month, and I know it will fly by in a hurry. I am doing my best to keep the stress level to a minimum (Kyle might debate that). But I am really trying to make an effort to enjoy the moment and not worry so much about my never-ending to-do list.

So in an attempt to enjoy the present, Laney and I decided to deliver a little potted flower to our immediate neighbors today. In years past, I have heard many people mention the May Day tradition of hanging baskets of flowers on neighbors’ doors. I thought that this would be a fun thing for Laney and I to do together every year.

When Kyle and I moved to Philly, we had some very kind neighbors who welcomed us and were very kind to us. It really helped us realize the importance of being kind, friendly neighbors – especially for those who have moved to the area and don’t know anyone. We have sought to be more neighborly this time around. I hope we can continue to improve in this area now that Laney is a bit older and the subarctic winter has (mostly) ended.

So here we are attempting to be more neighborly….Laney loved it (at first). Then she kept saying, “COLD!” Probably could have used a winter jacket, but I put it and away and refuse to get it back out. 🙂


Hopefully this is the start to a fun tradition. And hopefully it brightens our neighbors’ day – the weather could certainly use some brightening! Bring on those May flowers!

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