5.5.14 – RJ’s Birthday Party

5 May

We spent the weekend in Chicago to celebrate our nephew’s first birthday. We had some beautiful spring weather and a whole lot of fun! Well… besides the lack of sleep. We had a bit of a separation anxiety phase that resulted in a lot of waking, crying, and rocking. Laney was a trooper despite having very short naps and long nights. We have since recovered from this phase and are all feeling much more rested.

Saturday we enjoyed a little time at the house and then headed to a forest preserve and out to dinner. It is so much fun to watch Laney and RJ interact. I know they have lots of fun times ahead being so close in age.

Sunday was the big circus-themed birthday bash. I don’t even want to talk about how I only have pictures of RJ eating his birthday cake. I accidentally deleted the rest before they were backed up, and I am so mad at myself. This incident will be like the time I was at the DMV where Laney had a diaper blowout and I had no extra clothes for her. (By the way, the DMV also has no changing stations in their restrooms.) I definitely will not make either mistake again! Nevertheless, here is my cutie nephew enjoying himself some strawberries and cake, and you can just imagine how cute he was opening presents and how festive the decorations were. 🙂

So fun watching these little ones grow up! We are back home now enjoying the beautiful spring weather and some mulch…so gross!


Have a great week, everyone!

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